The top 5 eligible bachelors in gaming

If there is one thing I am sure of, it is my taste in good games and attractive men. Put these two super powers together and you have the hottest men in gaming.

Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day (eww) and we all dream about being whisked away on the perfect date for the evening, let us take a look at some of the hunkiest men in gaming and why they are the perfect (and not so perfect) date:

Nathan Drake – Uncharted

Age: +/- 30
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Hair Colour: Dark brow
Hobbies: Exploring temples and ruins, being chased by crashing aeroplanes, sunset shootouts across a waterfall.


Have you seen Nathan recently? When we first met him, he was the young stud of an explorer, with his tight buns and strong upper body, he was every woman’s (and my) perfect gamer dream man. Since Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was revealed, we saw an older Nathan Drake, but this does not mean he is any less attractive. He is rocking his salt and pepper hair, and still has his perfect body. Nathan Drake has aged perfectly, I might need to up my dating requirement years.

Kratos – God of War

Age: +/- 30
Eye Colour: White
Hair Colour: Bald
Hobbies: Beating up God in Olympus on a daily basis, spending the night with a group of woman, screaming and shouting


Kratos might not be the greatest date in the world, but he is one manly man. He is the type of guy that will protect you in the club from your ex-boyfriend or kill him rather. Kratos is the guy you want to date if you are into the rougher night time frisk, and don’t mind sharing your bed with a few other people. Honestly, I don’t like the whole albino look he is going with, but he doesn’t have a bad body.

Joel – The Last of Us

Age: +/-40
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Hobbies: Fighting off hordes of mutated creatures, hoarder, making weapons out of anything, exploring post-apocalyptic towns.


Joel is a survivor, although he is rocking the homeless look, he is a guy that will go the extra mile for you. He likes long walks through deserted cities, protecting damsels in distress, but he probably has the emotional state of a toaster due to all the heartache he has endured. He is just looking for that partner to come along and break through his emotional armour. Will it be you?

Dante – Devil May Cry

Age: 25
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Hobbies: Eating pizza, sleeping naked, discovering his dark past, slashing up demons, and saving the world from the devil.


Dante is a young free spirited guy who likes to have fun and poke jokes at everything. When he is not playing video games in the nude while eating pizza, he is out saving the world from an evil mastermind who is poisoning everyone with energy drinks. Dante will not get attached easily as he is far too independent for that, you see both of his parents were murdered when he was a child, so he has separation issues.

Chris Redfield – Resident Evil 5

Age: 28
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Hobbies: Exploring an African village that has been infected by the T-Virus, Working out


Chis Redfield is an easy going guy, all he needs is his 9mm and his weights, and by the look of things the weights really work. Chris led his men through a death mission and was the only one standing at the end, this still haunts him today, and he sometimes has random outbursts when he has flashbacks of the past. Other than that he is a pretty chilled guy.

There you have it – our Tech Girl list of the top 5 eligible bachelors in gaming. 

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