A competition ONLY for Apple fans

We run a lot of competitions on Tech Girl. There is nothing I love more than giving you the chance to win incredible goodies and gadgets to make your life a little bit easier. Over the past few months I’ve come to know many of you and am starting to understand the brands you love and where your loyalties like. Some of you are Android mad, others are Lumia lovers and some of you just want the gaming goodies.

There is not a doubt in my mind that the most loyal of all are the Apple fans though. You’re the girl that was prepping for the iPhone 6 months ago, the girl who always has her iPad in her bag and is constantly attempting to hunt down Apple charge and sync cables on Twitter.

You’re loyal and you deserve to be rewarded! iStore South Africa agrees and has provided me with possibly the best prize for an Apple fan. If you win this give away you’ll walk away with:

A Griffin Charge/Sync Cable valued at about R289


HiRise Deluxe adjustable charging stand for iPhones & iPads which includes cables for both lightening and Micro USB compatible devices valued at R899


An Airframe + portable car mount valued at R449 (also one of our Valentine’s Day gadget gift picks)


A Griffin Survivor Core iPhone 6 cover valued at R399


This is a rather rad prize. We’ll announce a winner next week Tuesday (17 February). To win you need to comment on this post and tell me why you’re the ultimate Apple fan. You’ll also need to tweet that you’ve entered. The top 3 entries will be selected by me and then I’ll ask iStore SA to choose the final winner. This is a competition only for Apple fans. GOOD LUCK!

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Disclaimer: This Apple hamper was given to us by iStore SA to give away. 

  1. I am the ultimate Apple fan – My husband is convinced that I cant leave the house without my iPad, and I tend to agree. My car has an iPhone dock so I can listen to music and podcasts. If I’m on a plane or the Guatrain, you can be certain that I’ll be using my iPad or listening to music on my iPhone – or both.
    I love the Apple hardware design – sleek, minimalistic, and chic, plus it looks good with my outfits 🙂

  2. EEERMMMAAGAD!! My girlfriend totally needs this for her iPhone 5c, it’s always running flat cause she is chatting via Whatsapp constantly and taking pics of all the animals she saves at the bet she works at. Her radio in her car doesn’t have a USB connection so the charger would be awesome…fingers and toes crossed. Once you go apple you never go back, their tech is the best a girl/guy can get. 😉

  3. I am the ultimate Apple FanGirl because I keep updated with every Apple product whether i own it or not, give advice to anyone who needs it/asks (even random strangers in shops approach me when they see me whip out my phone) and I also share the latest and greatest iOS apps with the local Apple User group during my spare time. Also, I keep all apple boxes as they are just beautiful! 🙂

  4. Awesome competition. I would love this as I am a massive Apple fan. I love it so much that I convinced my whole family to move from Android to Apple.

    Apple FTW!!!!

  5. I am the ultimate apple fan! Between my hubby and myself we have 1 pod, 3 iphones, 2 ipads and a macbook. This prize would clearly be well used in this house!

  6. I love my Apple products. I’ve used the Apple brand since day one. My desk
    right now has on it all Mac products *Blushes* 😉 I love the Apple hardware design. Sleek, minimalistic, and beautiful. The simplicity of the Apple brand is phenomenal. Apple doesn’t just do it, they do it right. Resilience has always been in the bones of the Apple brand and that’s why people love Apple.

    At the end of the day everyone wants a piece of Apple pie…I know I do 🙂

  7. Ooh gosh, I just have to have these!!! I recently bought myself a MacBook Air and simply cannot get enough of Apple (yes, I probably DO sound like an absolutely iSnob).

  8. EEERMMMAAGAD!! My girlfriend totally needs this for her iPhone 5c, it’s always running flat cause she is chatting via Whatsapp constantly and taking pics of all the animals she saves at the bet she works at. Her radio in her car doesn’t have a USB connection so her phone is always running low and she steals my charger cable when she gets to my house..haha…so the charger would be awesome, then we can both charge our iPhones…fingers and toes crossed. Once you go apple you never go back, their tech is the best a girl/guy can get. 😉

  9. apple is the best my dream phone i have apple track pad and love the design sleek and stylish love love the awesome give away all apple designs is for people with style for life

  10. REHANA SEEDAT email: dseedat@telkomsa.net I love Apple products as they are compatible with other Apple
    products, making it a breeze to download songs from iTunes onto a computer, and
    onto an iPod or iPhone. I love the Design -It’s no surprise that most fans like myself rave about
    Apple’s sleek designs. Steve Jobs once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and
    many of Apple’s products take this motto to the extreme. Simple buttons, touch
    screens that “feel” good, and intuitive user interfaces make Apple
    products a snap to use

  11. I fell in love with Apple a few years ago when my sisters brought home their sparkly new iPhones from Singapore. I couldn’t wait to upgrade from my other fruity phone to one that even doctors say is good for me! I have a few Apple products which are my lifeline to my husband who works abroad and my family who all live away from me, and its the reliability of Apple that keeps me in touch with them every day. With my 30th coming up next month I have dropped some serious hints to add to my growing Apple collection, here’s holding thumbs that you start my birthday off a little sooner than expected!

  12. What an awesome give away! Not only myself but my whole family are the ultimate Apple fans. My husband has always owned an iphone and he has recently surprised me with my very first iphone – nogal the 6+ (no matter how big the phone is I LOVE it!!!) My 4 year old daughter can operate her ipad mini like no ones business, she likes to copy Daddy when he browses the web on his ipad. Both myself and my husband have our own Mac Book Pro’s and to top this all off we own 3 Apple tv’s. We are such a tech geek family and I am not even ashamed to say it. I am truly holding thumbs for this one as when it comes to Apple I.WANT.IT.ALL!!!

  13. I am Apple obsessed! My whole family has iPhones and we each have an iPad! Apple hardware is part of our family! No day will go by without checking the App Store for new awesome apps to be enjoyed on our devices. We also love looking in the iStores to see what amazing products Apple has come up with. Salute to Steve Jobs et al for their ingenuity!

  14. Yes, BIGGEST fan for sure:

    1. My family knows when I am in the bathroom. My cutie pie Sphero rolls up and down the house! I leave some targets around the house before I go to the bathroom and then afterwards I check how many I hit 🙂

    2. My husband constantly says “Please don’t stop now and take a photo!” Well my “please don’t stop now and take a photo” ended up at iPhoneography 2014! This year my addiction of apps and “please don’t stop now and take a photo” might send me there again 🙂

    3. I am more clever than ANY teacher thanks to Apple, just ask my daughter … I help her with her homework on my iPad and as soon as I don’t know the answer, I send her to fetch me some water and then Google like lightning! Is there anything faster than an Apple product? It’s so fast that she doesn’t even notice that I had to Google 🙂

    4. My iPhone has her (yes, she is a she because she is perfect) very own wardrobe. How can I go and buy myself stuff and not stop at the iStore and get her something too? Impossible!

    5. Lastly, we don’t eat apples in my house … for some strange reason we only take a bite 😉

  15. I consider myself an iAmbassador. My iDevices never leave my side. I have made #APPL contagious in my work environment and at home. We still use our iPad1’s as coasters or paperweights. My dream is to have an iMac27″ with appleTV & AirPort to have all my iDevices talk to each other. Being in higher education I love being able to show off my i-Ideas to students and lecturers which keeps them motivated about learning. Please hook me up with these iGoodies!

  16. I am not sure I can beat the responses below but let me give it a go.

    Apple slowly stole my heart, first with a iphone 5, then an iPad mini and lastly with a MacBook Air. I can’t imagine owning anything but Apple much like I can’t imagine driving anythung but my Mini.

    If someone gives me there phone to use its way too confusing and I have to give it back to them.

    Apple is sleek, modern and simple to use. I do everything on my iPhone from taking a crazy amount of photos to reading blogs to writing my own blog posts. My phone goes with me everywhere and as such I need chargers like most people need food or water. Would love the charging stand the most as my precious iphone and iPad should not be left on the floor to charge!

  17. My life is surrounded by Apple products, from work to home and everywhere in-between. I’d be lost without my iPad, from iTunes, to games, to apps, to checking the apps I create on a daily basis. I never thought I would be such an Apple freak but hey when I’m on my iMac at work (loving life) to playing or watching something on my iPad at home or even messing around on my iMac at home, these products are a part of my day to day life and I fell in love with them. And it’s thanks to Apple that I went into Graphic Design and now app development to start with 🙂 #happyheart

  18. I am the ultimate Apple fan as I cannot imagine my life without my Iphone!! It is so user friendly and I love that all the products like iphone and ipad are so similar to use and not making this blonde too deurmekaar!! 🙂

  19. Although I live and work in Johannesburg, I grew up in Cupertino, California, which as any diehard Apple fan would know is home to Apple Hedquarters! And I have and will always be an Apple fan because of it. When I was a child, they donated computers to our schools so that we could open a computer lab. As first graders, we were already taking typing lessons, and in the third grade I learned to tell time from a program on an Apple computer. My first Apple product was an iPod that my father gave with the inscription, “Matisse, Clean Your Room. Luv, Dad”. I used to live across the street from HQ. It was so close that once the post office accidentally delivered a swimming costume I had ordered online there. I spent the day walking around their offices looking for who had received my package. In Cupertino, when Steve passed away, it was like the pope had died. He was a local hero, and our community was devastated. Of course, all of my tech is Apple and also never leave my side, but it is also completely ingrained in who I am!

  20. I got my first iPod (which was also my very first MP3 player) in early 2007 – that was the moment the Apple love began. I remember being a student and saving up for it for months. When the iPhone came out, I was ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ over the magic of it all – an iPod phone! I got my first tablet – an iPad 2 – the moment FNB released smart devices. My iPhone 4s finally followed in late 2012. My latest addition to the family will soon be a Macbook Air.

    And yes, I still have my very first iPod, which is in mint condition and travels with me everywhere in my handbag.

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