10 uses for selfie sticks (other than taking selfies)

Over the Christmas period I got gifted with a lot of selfie sticks. It makes sense: an affordable gadget accessory does make for a clever gift. It seems I wasn’t the only one. The selfie stick has created an interesting dynamic. Some love ’em and some hate ’em. Both are rather passionate with their decisions. I wanted to create something that the lovers and haters could appreciate and thus the uses for selfie sticks was born! In case you missed it, we shared 10 uses for selfie sticks on our Instagram account and we’ve summarised them below.

The folks at Vodacom saw the series and decided to include me in their article on how to use selfie sticks. You can watch the video after the 10 uses for selfie sticks:

1. Hands free viewing


2. Get things, like socks, out of trees


3. Discipline naughty children on the back seat of a car


4. Chew Toy


5. Build a fort


6. An eating utensil


7. Get things from under cars


8. Do you want to build a scarecrow?


9. Get yourself out of a sh**ty situation.


10. Take up a new sport, like jousting.


Watch the Vodacom video on selfie stick uses:


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