5 Valentines Day Gadget Gifts for him and her

In case you weren’t aware, this Saturday is 14 February – Valentine’s Day! While some people may grumble about it being another day for corporates to rip us off and make a fortune I think it is a good excuse to share a bit of love and spoil someone you care about. Plus, any excuse to purchase some rad gadget gifts right?

This year I shopped for my favourite gifts online (via iStore South Africa’s online store). I found 5 Valentines Day Gadget Gifts for him and her that you can purchase in one place and guarantee your Valentine will be saying that you in unlimited baked goods and cuddles for the rest of the year. Also to give you an added romantic flare I’ve included the perfect lovely dovey song to play when you hand this over and your signficant other unwraps…. it’s all about creating the mood.

Here are my picks:

Knomo Hanover Bag

hanover_aw14_ black_ fashion shot_ 1mb

This beautiful laptop bag is available in plum, black and blue. Classic colours for a classy and driven female who has caught your eye. If she’s business savvy and always impeccably dressed she’ll swoon over this beauty because it will work with almost any power suit.

Damage: R1399

The opening track: Your girl’s sophisticated. Show her you are too and play Frank Sinatra’s The way you look tonight to add that touch of class to the unwrapping.

The Marshall Acton

marshall acton

My top pick without a doubt. This is actually a bluetooth speaker but designed with a retro rad feel. It has a leather finish and vintage style knobs on the top. It really does look like a mini amp and a music loving girl or guy is going to go gagga over the person who presents them with this beauty on Valentine’s Day (or at least I would).

Damage: R3999

The opening track: The Marshall Acton is ideally suited to Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me … and once the gift is opened you have an excuse to play it again (and louder).

iGlaze Armour for an iPhone 6


If you’ve got an iPhone 6 you want to show it off. The iGlaze from Moshi is sleek and sexy while still showing off your phone. It’s available in Gold, Black and Silver. It also has a raised bezel which protects your phone when you place it flat down (you know, how it will be while on the table at Valentine’s Day dinner).

Damage: R549

The opening track: If your significant other is a cool kid sporting an iPhone you need to make sure you pair the unwrapping with something funky but still touching. I suggest Sam Sparro’s Black & Gold.

Beats Solo² Headphones


The marketing machine worked hard to create Beats as the cool headphone brand and they are. Available in white, black and red these babies produce a crisp sound and can also be folded up and conveniently stored or transported. In my opinion the Beats Solo² are probably the most popular pair of headphones worldwide. You can’t go wrong with these ones.

Damage: R2499

The opening track: Was there any argument here? Method Man ft Mary J. Blige with You’re All I Need. What a tune (and it will sound gorgeously smooth on the headphones too).

Airframe +

AF2-iPhone 6 Image

At first glance it seems boring but it probably the most practical gift you can give this Valentine’s Day. The Airframe is ideal for most 6″ smartphones and fits securely on the airvents of your car’s dashboard to ensure your significant other doesn’t have their phone to their ear while they whisper sweet nothings to you. Hand free calls for the win! Best part? It also doubles as a desk stand for your phone. Dual uses!

Damage: R449

The opening track:  If you’ve reached the point that you’re buying hands free frames and concerned about his or her safety its getting serious. You need a song to portray that and Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud is the perfect track to express exactly how you’re feeling.

All these gadget gifts are available at the iStore (you can also purchase online). 

Have a super romantic song ideal for Valentine’s Day? Share it with us in the comments below. 





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