A Bluetooth headset that does not look stupid & doubles as a ring!

FINALLY, we’ve found it! A Bluetooth headset that doesn’t look stupid. We’ve all had a giggle at those gents walking around shopping malls with their Bluetooth attached to their ear and shouting manically for all to hear. I’ve always thought Bluetooth headsets were really stupid but then I was introduced to The Orb!

Not only is it a wireless Bluetooth headset that does not look stupid (check it out, it has a very ear cuff type look to it – all the rage at the moment – especially on the red carpet at various awards ceremonies).


It also doubles at a wearable ring – how clever? The ring vibrates when you get text messages or for notifications. You can open it up and fit it to your ear if you’re looking for a headset. I really love this.


Unfortunately the company developing this little beauty is yet to reveal a release date. Sigh


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