The best time to share blog posts to social media

Unless you have a trust fund to dip in, there’s a very good chance that the only way you can grow your blog is by sharing posts to social media and constantly texting your friends about rad things on your site (or at least that’s what I do!). If you’re spamming Twitter and oversharing on Facebook. Stop. It’s time to be smart about when you post links to your blog.

So when is the best time to share blog posts to social media? The Payroll Blog has put together some stats in an easy to access infographic which might help. It’s also important to play around. Post at different times and then check out Facebook insights to get an idea of optimal times. Tweriod offers a similar service for Twitter. I’ve definitely found posting anything after 3pm on a Friday is like screaming to an empty boardroom. Here’s the best time to share blog posts to social media (and also the times to avoid):

optimal time to post to social media


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