This app helps you get a body like Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s new track “Love Me Like You Do” may be linked to a movie I think will be absolutely rubbish (50 Shades of Grey) but the song is something special. I think it is also the perfect track to play when you’re warming up and stretching before a workout.


Her other songs, Anything Can Happen and Burn are the perfect songs to add to your running playlist if hitting the tarmac is something you enjoy. Ellie is a big running fan as well. She has a fitness motto we should all follow:

Being fit is far better than being skinny.


The songstress has teamed up with the Nike+ Training Club to help women worldwide to get a body like Ellie Goulding. Let’s be honest, she’s fit, toned and still has a booty. What’s not to want? Goulding has designed a new workout called the Get Lean N+TC exercise routine. It’s a 15 minute N+TC App workout that includes the training moves Ellie uses: alternating metabolic drills with high and low intensity movement for a full body workout to help burn calories and keep you mentally and physically engaged.


Ellie says that having a yin and yang with exercise is important to her. She loves to do high intensity training but also loves to take it easy. Though she admits thinking yoga was “taking it easy” was a mistake because yoga is in no way easy.

Doing something different every day keeps things fresh, exciting and interesting.

The app to help you get a body like Ellie Goulding will be available from the 2nd of March 2015. Best get your chocolate fill before then! 


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