Solar Power, tablets & Chess – South African schools get tech savvy

At the beginning of 2014, the Gauteng Education Department rolled out a new project whereby they’re aiming to supply all high school and Grade 7 pupils with tablets. They’ve started the pilot in 7 schools and kids have been given tablets while the “chalk board has been buried”. The pilot schools will also have unlimited data and 4G connectivity to allow kids to use their tablets at home. The project has been funded by various government departments and the private sector.


It’s the start, as South African schools get tech savvy. I love how the private sector is investing more in the education of South African children and especially encouraging the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Tsogo Sun Moves for Life programme has been investing in a chess programme for sometime. What does Chess have to do with schools getting tech savvy? Well, chess is a great game to develop analytical skills and logical thinking. These provide the grounding for a strong foundation in Maths and Science. Plus it is a fun game!


They’re not the only company throwing their weight behind improving STEM at school level. GiveITback has partnered up with Poynting and African Union Communications to donate the first Solar Powered Computer Lab to Umhloti Primary School in KwaZulu Natal. This is rad because not only are they giving kids access to computers but they’re also doing their bit for the environment and promoting clean energy. GiveITback plans to roll these Solar Powered Computer Labs out to a host of rural schools and allow corporates to sponsor the labs. A clever marketing tool for the companies (and it contributes to their social development) while also ensuring South African schools get tech savvy.

We love feel good stories like these! We need to create more opportunities for women in STEM and the classroom is the start.


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