iThermonitor – an ideal gadget for moms with sick kids


R999.95 from Takealot and Shop and Ship.

In the box:

  • The ithermonitor
  • Battery
  • Instruction guide
  • A box of surgical tape to secure the ithermonitor


What you need to know:

This little gadget is so clever. It’s a smart wireless thermometer especially for children. The gadget comes with the surgical tape and then it is really easy to secure the device under your little one’s arm.


Via a clever iOS and Android app called ithermonitor, the little device them links to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to monitor your child’s temperature. You’re able to set an alarm so you’re notified when your little one’s temperature spikes and you can monitor from anywhere – so if you’re a little bit concerned about your child’s health you can monitor her temperature while she is at school and you’re at work.


There’s a huge cost saving benefit. I have enough “new mom” friends who rush their kids to the doctor if they feel a little bit hot. This way you can monitor it yourself and have some peace of mind. Also, if you have a child like I was, who constantly tries to pull a sickie to get out of school, you can make sure you aren’t duped!

I’ve used this little device on me and it works really well. It’s also extremely easy to use. I also tried to use it on my dog as part of a destruction test. He didn’t destroy it. It stayed on. He didn’t want us to take it off. I’d also not suggest you try that at home.

This is the ideal gadget for moms with sick kids!

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