Create fun symbols with your keyboard

Ever felt like there is just no adequate way to communicate what you’re feeling? Us to. Sometimes a little smiley face or a dancing Spanish woman (we’re looking at you Catherine Zeta Jones) are the only way to sum up the mad jumble in your head. While emoticons work well on smartphones and tablets, sometimes we do wish we had a wider variety when on our PC. Especially when it comes to annoying our friends with ridiculous emails.


Well, there is actually a way to create fun symbols with your keyboard when typing up documents and the like. We made the header to this page fooling around with the alt key and some number codes.

So here’s how easy it is to create fun symbols with your keyboard, whether you’re using a Mac or a PC. We’ve given you a brief explanation and then, at the bottom of the article, have included lists of symbols available for Mac and PC as well as their required codes or numbers.

On your PC:

See that number pad on your right (hit Num Lock if they refuse to work). Hold down the Alt key and enter the code of the symbol you require (keep the Alt key pressed in as you enter the number). Release Alt. Tada!

On your Mac:

Hold down the option key and press the correlating key to get the symbol you require. Quick tip – if you hold down the option key and the shift key at the same time you’ll get a whole new set of symbols.

PC Symbols and their codes:





Mac Symbols and their codes:




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