A portable charger that fits in your purse

This isn’t a review in the traditional sense. I’m not sure you can give a full review of a portable charger. I mean, it has one purpose, plug it in and make sure it charges your phone right? I’ve had some issues with portable chargers in the past. Following that article I got my own RED-E Power Bank and never looked back. I loved it and one of our Tech Girls loved hers too. However, mine took a walk after I accidentally left it in my car during a service, so imagine my relief when the RED-E RC25 landed on my desk for review (it was also gifted to me – this is called disclosure and I wanted to make it clear from the get go).


My original RED-E Power Bank was the 6000mAh version. That power bank packed one hell of a punch and could charge two smartphones once it was fully charged. I used it to charge an iPad mini once as well, no problem. The RC25 has a 2500mAh battery. It’s not going to charge your tablet and you’ll get one smartphone charged fully out of it before you need to juice it up. For most this is more than adequate.


I like the RED-E RC25 because it is the perfect size to slide in to your purse. It has a micro USB port for recharging as well as a micro USB connection which will charge most Android & Windows phones. It is also fitted with a 8pin adapter that stores really conveniently in the little charger, so Apple fans can get full use out of it as well.


It charges your phone. Slower than I’d like but it does the job. I think it is a fabulous purse companion and won’t take up too much space in any handbag or clutch, no matter the size. Portable chargers are, for the most part, hit and miss. Some of the ones you can buy in your local stores don’t last or perform a full charge.

The RED-E RC25 retails for R250. It also, and this is the biggie for me, comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means if it doesn’t do what it is supposed (ie. charge your phone), you have some sort of recourse. If you need a portable charger that fits in your purse this would be my suggestion. Though, if you’re looking for spectacular I’d splurge the extra money and go for the RED-E 6000mAh – I’m still yet to find a power bank that impressive.

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Bytesized | 30 October 2015

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