Get your gadgets organised

For a long time I carted a giant laptop around. One that only worked when plugged in to a power source. It meant hogging around charging cables and adapters. Luckily I now have a little Asus with the battery life of a Duracell bunny that fits conveniently into a handbag. But my poor handbag also has earphones, USB cables, a portable charger, two phones, USB sticks, a dongle, pens and a million other bits and bobs (as well as my diary and good old fashioned notebook). I arrive at a desk and unpack… On leaving I almost always end up leaving something behind. There is SO much to try remember to pack.


Ideally I need an organised laptop bag that is sexy enough to pass as a handbag as well – but I digress. I recently found the cutest desk organiser that keeps keeps all your gadgets organised. It’s from MyKeyO and is available in black, white and pink. You can plug the keyboard in to your tablet or monitor at work.  It would fit beautifully in to a sleek laptop type handbag. How practical?

Keyboard Organizer v1.indd

I’ve tried to hunt this clever little tech accessory down in South Africa with very little luck. It’s clear MyKeyO is available in the country, so someone is bringing the products in. I’ll keep looking to find out if the organiser is for sale here. Would you purchase something like this? 

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