Summer holidays made easy with technology

Despite what others might tell you, growing a business and a blog is not easy. I hold down a “corporate 9 to 5”, run a small freelance writing and consulting business AND edit Tech Girl on a daily basis. You’ll have noticed that the blog has been quiet over the last few weeks. That’s because, despite my passion for this little space on the internet, even I need a break from time to time!

While it may seem that nothing is going on on the surface, I’ve still been monitoring the blog and have kept my small business ticking over. I wanted a holiday but any business owner (and blogger) will tell you that your business & blog never truly “shut down”. Thank goodness for technology and gadgets. I’ve spent the last few months learning about devices and gadgets that make life much easier (and why else would you want them!). I’ve become more appreciative of smart technology and I’ve tried out enough gadgets and apps to determine which ones impact my ability to do great work.


Writing this post was the first time I’ve switched on my “big” laptop (the one that has basically become a desk PC as it needs to be constantly on charge – you can read that rant here). During my break I’ve managed everything else from my clever little Asus “transformer” (it can be a mini laptop or tablet & fits conveniently in your bag) and the Tech Girl Lumia phone. Using Windows software I’ve been able to “link” all three so they “speak” to each other. They even make sure the colour schemes match (Tech Girl colours, in case you were curious). Voila! Summer Holidays made easy with technology. Now all I need to do is add an Xbox One to the mix and I’ll never have to leave my couch!


While technology can make your life easier and more organised, it can also sometimes seem complex and overwhelming. That’s why I choose to work with devices that link to an ecosystem that gives me the ability to access my work, social networks, email and contacts – everything – no matter what I’m using or where I am. This way, my chosen technology really does add value to my life, by leaving me with more time to do the things I care about. My family, friends, and clients love me for it.


So, whether I’m running errands, spending time with family and friends, or quickly writing this blog post, my gadgets make it easier to do it all.

In celebration of summer and giving you more time to do the things you love, thanks to the seamless experience with Windows across all of your devices, Microsoft is giving you the chance to win big!


Get more this summer with Microsoft and you can stand a chance to win the ultimate Microsoft living room experience consisting of a great hamper of Microsoft devices. Visit www.plusmoresummer.com, tell the guys at Microsoft how you would ‘Plus More’ your summer, and maybe you’ll be starting your New Year off with more of the things you love.



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