You cannot take that on the plane

So there is a good chance you’re officially on holiday… or close to anyway. If you’re lucky you could very well be heading on a plane to another country. I never know what I can take through security. I’m never sure if a particular gadget is going to get me in to trouble or if they’re going to confiscate my only USB cable and bellow at me that “you cannot take that on the plane”…. It’s all a bit confusing. So while it is not strictly “tech”, I found this infographic from Cheapflights really useful and also really entertaining. Someone actually tried to take a snake in a jar on a plane. Maybe they were hoping they’d get a Samuel L. Jackson kind of response?

Anyway if, like me, you aren’t sure – this should help. Happy holidays and safe travels!

Anything-To-Declare-VFINAL (2)

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