3 Christmas Competitions you may want to enter

By the time you read this us Tech Girls will be on holiday and enjoying a little bit of a digital detox. We’ve run our Christmas Competitions and have shut down our laptops…. but, because it is the season of giving we’re going to give you a little hint on how to go about winning yourself the perfect little Christmas present from you, to you, with love. These giveaways are a little bit different. While all tech related, they’re going to give you the chance to win gadgets you may not have realised you need, tech you definitely want and some stuff to add to your holiday fun.

Here are 3 Christmas competitions you may want to enter:

1. Drive the new MINI 5 Door for 5 months in 2015


Who doesn’t want to start the new year with a shiny new “gadget” that conveniently fits in your garage and can get you to work in style (it’s also discernibly British – LOVE)? Yesterday MINI sent their new 5 Door model in to space…. kind of. It’s actually rather clever and a beautifully done video that encapsulates the fun of a MINI. You can watch it here. That link also allows you to guess where the MINI has landed. The winner gets to drive the new MINI 5 Door for 5 months next year. It has 278 litres of boot space… think of all the high heels you can buy and transport home!

2. Get a kick start each morning with a NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

Mini Me -red

I’m only telling you about this one because I’ve already played and didn’t win (insert sad face). If I still stood a chance I’d have kept quiet and tried to win it for myself. The Dolce Gusto produces hot and cold delicious drinks. It’s a little gadget that replicates having your own personal barista in your kitchen. If you visit the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Facebook page you can play a game of pass-the-parcel and feed the thirst of your inner child (see what I did there). You get to unwrap a layer and stand the chance to win your own Gusto. However if, like me, you unwrap a layer and are faced with more wrapping you can pass the parcel on to your friend and give them the chance to win. It’s a fun game and either you’ll win or your mate will be ever indebted to you when they do!



We’re a little bit Nintendo mad and they offer up some of the best games to play during the holidays. Our friends over at Lazygamer are giving you the chance to win a Nintendo hamper which includes a Nintendo 2DS. There are some great “runner up” prizes as well, but let’s be honest – you know you want the Nintendo goodies. While we’re on the topic of games, Spliced Magazine has a rather rad Far Cry 4 hamper up for grabs…. remember when we made that terrible video to try tell you how awesome this game is? Well, when you win this giveaway you won’t have to take our word for it. We’ll also expect you to invite us round to play… especially considering we just told you about 4 giveaways and not 3.



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