Gorgeous Tory Burch designed bands for your FitBit

Everyone knows that wearable tech is all the rage at the moment and many “techies” say it will be even bigger next year. It all ties in with the fitness craze that has swept the globe, it seems. We all want to monitor our steps, pulse and fitness levels. The only thing it does for me is confirm how unfit I am….but I am doing something about it.

FitBit Flex tracker

We’ve seen a few feminine focused wearable tech popping up. But when it comes to fitness bands they tend to be a little bit more “rugged”. This is obviously because you’re expected to be sweating and bashing it a bit as you exercise. The problem is, I wear mine during exercise but very quickly remove it for the rest of the day because it clashes with my work outfits. This means it doesn’t give an accurate outlook on my activity levels.

That’s a thing of the past (if I can get my hands on these)! Acclaimed American Designer, Tory Burch, has joined forces with FitBit and designed the most gorgeous fitness focused wearable tech. So you can now get gorgeous Tory Burch designed bands for your FitBit.

Tory Burch FitBit bracelets

The most popular in the range is the metal hinged bracelet and she has added another option in the form of a pendant.

Tory Burch FitBit pendant silver

All you need is the FitBit Flex tracker, pop it into your chosen Tory Burch design and off you go. You get the benefits of a fitness tracker but with a feminine look and feel, no one will even know you’re wearing one. Because you can pop the FitBit Flex tracker in and out, you can still use the exercise focused bands when you’re at the gym. Or alternatively you can use Tory Burch’s silicone bracelet which she has designed in a variety of colours.

Tory Burch FitBit silicone print

Prices vary from about R400 through to R1500. At the time of posting we’re still trying to find a local supplier that plans to bring the range to South Africa… we also want the nice wearable tech things!!

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