The Kraken Pro Neon headphones review: we love them more because they’re bright pink


Around R1299

What you need to know:

  • Over ear headphones
  • Fully retractable microphone
  • 3.5mm combined audio jack (with splitter cable)
  • Frequency response – 20 Hz (min) 20 KHz (max)

What we think you should know:


I love headphones. I especially love really big over ear headphones that, when you put them over your ears, they tune out the world. Straight out the box I loved the Kraken Pro Neon Headphones. Here’s the thing, I loved them even more because they’re bright neon pink. They’re so in your face and funky. Moving away from Razer’s usual lime green vibe, I liked them more because of the pink. Which I’m pretty sure is not a good thing considering I’ve published articles on this very website telling brands that you can’t target women just by making it pink.


I don’t think Razer was only targeting women, the Kraken Pro Neons are also available in green, blue, yellow, orange and a weird purple like colour. But I digress. I liked the design of these babies. I liked the big ear cups that didn’t squish my earrings and were actually over ear (you’d be surprised how many aren’t). I liked the thick headband with thick padding so you can wear these all day without getting that ‘phone ache that usually comes along. I liked that the jack was at 90 degrees to the cable as opposed to straight on (the wire lasts longer, promise).


So I liked the way they looked… but how did they sound?

My go to with headphones is to crank up Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as a first test. These aren’t music headphones. They don’t deliver the crisp clear twang I like when listening to music. They do a good enough job to keep me happy but they really impressed me when used for gaming (because they’re gaming headphones, I know). They handle bass extremely well and I was extremely impressed with the retractable microphone. It picks up your voice clearly and transmits extremely well.


The thing is, I was still pretty keen on the design and was left a bit wanting with sound quality. So I figured I’d test the Kraken Pro Neon set with the Razer Surround Pro for Windows software. This is where these babies shine, or is it the software? Your gaming experience is amplified ten fold and it is a bit like sitting in a movie house when you play.


So here’s the thing – if you’re looking for a really decent pair of gaming headphones that are extremely comfortable and well priced – the Kraken Pro Neon Headphones are for you. They’ll still plug in to your phone or PC and offer up decent enough sound quality for your musical listening. They’ll shine when you’re gaming.


If that’s not good enough and they must DO ALL THE THINGS, suck it up and prepare to spend more money. For R900 you’re punching way about your weight with these beauties.

So rad

  • The comfy design and neon colours
  • The retractable microphone is not only retractable but also rather good at its job
  • Over ear headphones win in my books all the time (biased, I know, but this is a review).

Makes us sad

  • If only they were wireless
  • If only they produced more detail when listening to musical classics like Queen

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