Are you the one? Win an HTC One (M8)

I’m a firm believer in admitting when you’re wrong… and I was wrong.

When the HTC One (M8) first came out I had the opportunity to play with it for a few days. I was pretty harsh about the camera dismissing it as not so great. Here’s the thing, all I really did was point and shoot. I didn’t try out the various settings or editing software. I didn’t explore what the phone had to offer. I was an idiot.


I have two phones – one for Tech Girl and one for everything else (including the kitchen sink, I’m starting to think). I prefer to keep stuff separate as it just makes life a little bit easier but also means that, one day, the Tech Girl title can be passed on.

I use a Lumia for Tech Girl as it allows me to record and take incredible photos as well as save draft posts to Word in the blink of the eye. My personal phone though? An HTC One (M8). I sacrificed on what I had dismissed as a weak camera in favour of a decent battery life (seriously, battery saver saved my life) and a fantastic interface with Android OS. Let’s be honest, the phone is sleek and sexy. I’m a sucker for a little bit of good looking.

Oh you know, just me, in my personal time.
Oh you know, just me, in my personal time.

And then I went to San Francisco for Intel and everything changed.

In San Francisco I met a professional cameraman and photographer who was absolutely horrified that I wasn’t using the HTC camera offerings to the best of its capabilities. He sat with me for 15 minutes (yes, only 15 minutes) and suddenly I realised how stupid I’d been. There are so many editing settings and tweaks to the HTC One camera that, with a little bit of time taken to get to know your phone you’ll be blown away by what it can do… look at this:

Taken with the HTC One, in the evening with a bridge completely lit up. Check the waves in the water. Incredible!
Taken with the HTC One, in the evening with a bridge completely lit up while on a moving boat. Check the waves in the water. Incredible!

The HTC One (m8) is the ideal phone for someone like me who needs a personal assistant more than she needs a phone. And guess one? I have a brand new sexy HTC One to give away!

Are you the one? All you need to do is tell me in the comments below why you think you should be chosen and then send out a tweet declaring it too. Simple right… I’ll even share some of my new found HTC photography skills will you! Try be creative here, I’m looking for funny, for inspiration and for smart. If your answer isn’t up to the standard of the HTC One, I reserve the right to disqualify you… Good luck.

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  1. I always need to plan out my life and I easily forget a lot of the things I need to do. So I need a PA that will help me remember all the things I plan to do and places I have to be. It might not be able to pick up my dry cleaning and bring me some coffee and but it will remind me to do all the things on my own….

    PS: I will treat my PA with out-most respect *grin*

  2. HTC One (M8) has been the only phone to make me consider a jump to Android. Good enough reason to be The One, right? 😛

  3. I’ve been an HTC for years now and have brought so many new fans into the family thx to my rabid enthusiasm for the product that people join just because I convince them of the brand’s awesomeness. My HTC Desire has been through the wars. It has been dropped so many times there is a nasty crack across the screen and I’m only due to upgrade in mid 2015 *sob*. I would love to win the M8 and I really hope you pick me. rabid fans should be rewarded…right?

  4. I am stuck in 2010, with an iPhone 4 that I hate with every fibre of my being. I can’t even tweet properly with the thing, or use Whatsapp – or any of those modern technical amenities that make a man a man, or a woman a woman. It’s wholly emasculating. I may as well not exist.

    I’m stuck in a technical dark age, and I need your help.

  5. I recently moved back to android from iOS. Apple’s hardware is amazing, but I was tired of an OS that wanted to hold my hand every step of the way. I’m so impressed with how far Android has come in the past 3 – 4 years. #Driod4Life

  6. Wow! I really need a reliable phone with a great camera to take pictures for my blog posts, without having to take a separate camera with me.

  7. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how good the HTC One Camera capabilities really are. My name may not be Neo, but I do think that I am the One, who wants the HTC One for One reason: who would not like to own One of these.

  8. The new HTC One looks like is a great smartphone, that does a lot of fantastic things. The new design looks fresh and inviting; the Duo Camera’s new abilities look like fun and useful (a rare combination, it seems). Naturally, these factors are convincing enough for me to give high marks on the new One…And for good reason: it look like a fantastic phone. Thus, Why I should be “the one” is I want…this phone because Nobody wants to be alone, and my heart will beat “happy” when this phone has a place in my hand and or life 😉

  9. Working mom and an aspiring writer/photographer so heck this sounds like my ideal phone! Wow! So glad you had someone show you the ropes so you could tell all of us!

  10. I start a new job on monday 17th November at a Digital media agency, my blackberry has been in and out of repairs since mid September 2014, i can live without my Blackberry its the Nokia C2 with the broken face that keeps falling that i detest… I cant even tweet properly and i have to use it. 🙁 please make me THE ONE it would be the ultimate gift this year

  11. A brand new, sexy HTC One (M8) for myself? I’ll make sure not to miss this desirable ‘personal assistant’ disguised as a phone….

    I am an “old dinosaur” but can’t bear the idea to stay behind and I must admit I just love whats new and better. I’ll take the time to configure everything about the HTC One (M8) correctly, because I am convinced it is more than worthwhile! It is certainly sleek, stylish and light enough to be used on-the-go, but the best part has to be the camera. To me, from what I see here, it shines. It’s incredible, astonishing, miraculous – HTC One (M8) in my opinion, offers a superior experience. Having a camera in a phone isn’t a necessity, but these days it’s a much more natural interdependence than it would have been in previous generations; in fact it is much of a muchness – we just need both.

    So, I am ready to prove my four technology ‘boffin’ children I’ll manage to use HTC One (M8) to it’s full potential.

    When I look at the specifications for the HTC One (M8) there’s a whole lot to separate it from what’s available.

    Thanks very much Tech Girl – with HTC One (M8) I can express the joie de vivre with which “old dinosaurs” throughout the ages have overcome the fear of the future. Handsome HTC One (M8) will put a flicker and a flash in my day-to-day life.

  12. If I told you why I’d like the phone, wouldn’t I just be mansplaining?#inserthashtagreferencehere

    I’d like the phone because I’d like it-no extrinsic reason outside of mine, and many others, reasons for wanting things-because we can and not have a reason or impending life decision to qualify it.

  13. I am stuck in a time warp with my old Blackberry – please save me from this hell…. The ultra chic and must have phone is the HTC One (M8) – and I need it!!!

  14. i would love to win, my phone at the moment doesnt offer me alot of apps or features. Its camera is not great even if i email a pic to my email and down load it to my computer its pixels are blurrred. Its not the most outstanding phone. Ive never actually had a outstanding phone that is so awesome and amazing as the HTC one. It offers so much. I would be on cloud nine snapping away with this phone instead of carrying my camera around. Please pick me 🙂 cirsten.wall@gmail.com. Fingers crossed hoping lady luck blesses me 🙂

  15. HTC is the best phone manufacturer in the whole world. All my friends have iPhones and if I was to win this I would surely convert them to the way of the ONE!

  16. As a traveling businessman my Crapberry had let me down numerous times whilst on international travels. It just wasnt able to capture the scenic wonders in a way that I even wanted to show my family the photos. I am reminiscent of the good old days with my HTC Tytn and think it is the time to move back to HTC. I have to monitor 5 mailboxes on a daily basis and after reading your review I am in desperate need of a phone being able to assist me like a PA. I think the HTC One could be “THE ONE”. And with the capability of adding external sd card I will never have to worry about not having enough space, unlike Apple. And this will leave me being able to be happy snappy and share all the great photos with my family.

  17. My previous phone was an HTC One X and I was very sad to have to stop using it. I’m a tech lover, and the HTC One (M8) is one of the best (if not the best) phones out there.

  18. I have been an HTC convert since they first brought their phones to South Africa. I had to spend hours and hours on the phone fighting to get the very last HTC One (M7) that MTN had last year and I would love an upgrade. I was an early convert to how good the camera actually is and have been using my One to photograph the houses I market instead of my digital camera because of how much better it captures photos.

  19. I want to be the one ‘again’. I had the HTC Desire, and I still think it was my best phone that I ever had. Should have stayed with HTC.

  20. Well, simply put. I have been an HTC fanatic now little over 5 years, and from my first HTC device till my most recent two ( the HTC 8x and the HTC One (M7) ) I am hooked for life. Without even having to be biased, I simply love what they do, and I feel they do it the best as all rounders in style, design, comfort, quality etc. What I love about them the most is that they are always the underdog in the market, and my respect for them not pumping nearly the same amount of cash into marketing as say Samsung for instance, they focus and pull off what they set out to do, and that is being “Quietly Brilliant” Handsdown, they are leaders in their passion and it speaks for itself through their products. They also create this niche feel to being an un common member of an exclusive few, if compared to other user numbers of other major brands, and I will continue following them through all which is still to come. That is all I want to ad. Tx

  21. Well you have to chose me for the HTC One giveaway. I am a young person who loves exploring every part of smartphones from music and taking pictures to discovering new apps that are fun for using the phone. I’m currently using a blackberry OS 7.1 smartphone which is nice but has lost its magic in the tech world and I’d like to move into the Android world. I love taking photos of nature and I believe this phone could assist me with its perfect picture quality. It also looks very nice so it is the perfect phone for me from the software to the hardware so I’d really love to experience the HTC One M8. Thank you. 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’m in for the prize but I do have one question for you. In San Francisco when the photog you met sat down with you did s/he mention the word “UltraPixel?” (just curious)

  22. HTC is the one me as my last phone was HTC one x a nd it has a broken screen now. Pleasemake the ow of the one and ilI’ll be the happiest man.

  23. I’m the one! I need out of this Samsung and iPhone fight, I’m going to start anew. teamHTC, We’re taking today by storm, and tonight we shall be the only one’s with battery.

  24. My phone is used more for taking photographs than anything else. The HTC One would transform my blog images to something more, something magical! The HTC One is the ONE that I’ve been waiting for to elevate my images to breath-taking perfection!

  25. I am like the HTC One, Solid build, dependable, high standards, latests specs and a communication machine, hence the HTC will go perfect with me <3

  26. The only phone I ever phoned is a BB 9360. Would really love to benefit from the apps & features of this phone.

  27. I am a complete Mobile Gaming Nut. This would help me so much to motivate myself in getting into game dev. This phone looks epic and I can take so many “Non-Selfies” and take pics of everything.

  28. I don’t need a new phone.. but Darryn does so I’m entering to help someone from the poor city of Port Elizabeth have some experience of life in 2014

  29. I’ll be the one (I’ll be the one)
    Who will make all your sorrows undone
    I’ll be the light (I’ll be the light)
    When you feel like there’s nowhere to run
    I’ll be the one…

    To hold you, and make sure that you’ll be alright
    I’ll be the one


    I need this phone.. to be the one..

  30. I am one of those fortunate few who have a decent phone. My friend Geoff on the other hand, is stuck in the past, with an iPhone 4 cemented in his palm.

    It’s so slow that it takes him forever to do anything. It works out to around a 50% knock on efficiency. Being the Asian he is, this goes against his very being and philosophy. Just imagine how much it must kill him to not put in 100% 🙁

    If I win this prize, it will be given to him. I hate seeing him crying at events, waiting forever for that perfect picture to compress, and even longer for it to appear on twitter. Selfies are only fun if they’re uploaded INSTANTLY, not 4 years later…


  31. I should be the one because I think Im one of the only bloggers who cant even take a picture with my current phone let alone tweet from it. I have a Galaxy Chat at the moment and I cant do ANYTHING with it PLEASE help me be THE ONE

  32. I’m currently using a Huawei Ascend P1. I had to get it as a replacement for my HTC Desire that was stolen during a robbery and while the Huawei has better specs than the Desire, the HTC provided better software, better audio quality and the all aluminium construction used by HTC in their devices is sorely missed. I also realised how grateful I was that HTC rolled out at least 2 updates to the Desire within the timespan I had it for.

  33. This looks amazing…. I love taking pictures, sometimes too many! But the problem is with my current phone they just dont come out right, so am always nagging my husband to lend his when we out and about and i see something awesome! I would love for him to nag to use mine because the photos would come out better than on his 🙂 So many awesome features, would be so lucky to have a phone like this

  34. If you want to know what’s it like being stuck in the past you should follow me around with my Nokia asha phone where one cannot load any exciting apps (no thanks to the ridiculous symbian OS) much less take ANY good pictures because of the useless 3.2mp camera.

    I mean no ‘selfies’ – what even ! The blasphemy.

    Just once I’d like to make as many typos and spelling errors with a touch screen phone like all the cool kids do. But No, instead I’ve lost friends because of whipping out my rather OUT-DATED Nokia phone and texting on the Qwerty keypad. It hurts.

    Never mind I’ll have the HTC one as my new m8 – it will be gr8 to take an au f8 pic of my dinner pl8 whilst on a d8 with Alexander the gr8, okay I desecr8 – it sounded better in my head :p

  35. Simply because I will prosper with the HTC one (M8). Nothing more, nothing less, an array of applications, I am already opening my arms and receiving it *winks* *frowns* *grins* *sighs* *smiles* see if i had it i would put in a million emojis instead of typing them out on my phone all the time 🙁

  36. Simply because I will prosper with the HTC one (M8). Nothing more, nothing less, an array of applications, I am already opening my arms and receiving it *winks* *frowns* *grins* *sighs* *smiles* see if i had it i would put in a million emojis instead of typing them out on my phone all the time 🙁

  37. I need this slim sexy bad boy. Currently I have a iPhone 4S but I have a job, no band, I look awful in skinny jeans, I can even. So basically you can see that I need to part ways with the iPhone crowd. I don’t even take selfies and I call people, so the htc is perfect for me, a person that needs a phone, not an elobrate touch toy.

  38. This phone looks amazing! Everything a girl wants and some things she just might need. I could so use one of these in my life. it would be an awesome way to start my new life.
    New city, new phone, the world awaits…

  39. I was using an HTC Sensation and it decided to do a Chad le Clos and dive into the murky waters of my loo(hides face)! So am using a very basic phone that does not even have internet.Am waiting to get the HTC M8 and not just any other phone because I am loyal like that.I believe in the brand and everything it brings(well except the whole doing the Olympics in my loo;-). HTC rocks and the M8 is the only way forward!

  40. I am looking to become a mobile tech writer and I would love to have the opportunity to review the htc one m8. I have been very loyal to iOS and I welcome the chance to review this beautiful phone. I will even write an honest review of how I feel about the phone for you. Pick me

  41. The One (M8) is simply gorgeous! Love the metal finish. A bit disappointed that they didnt up the megapixel count on the rear camera but nonetheless it still takes great photos.

  42. As a self-proclaimed HTC fanboy with an aging HTC One X (which lagged too much to let me type this comment so I had to do it on my PC) I think it’s about time for an upgrade. Unfortunately on a student budget getting a dream phone like the One M8 is impossible. At the moment, all my upgrade options are lower specced than my 3 year old One X. How is that an upgrade?!

  43. If you want a blast from the past follow me around whilst I use my Nokia Asha phone that doesn’t allow one to download any cool apps (thanks to the stupid Symbiam OS) much less take decent pictures because of the useless 3.2mp camera.

    No #selfies – What even ! A blasphemy right !

    Just once I’d like to be able to make as many typos and spelling errors on a touch-screen device like all the cool kids do, instead I’m out here losing friends when I whip out my OUT-DATED Nokia phone texting on the gnarly Qwerty keypad. It hurts.

    Never mind now I’ll have the HTC one as my new m8.
    I can’t w8 to take an au f8 picture of my dinner pl8 whilst on a d8 with Alexander the gr8, look don’t ber8 … it sounded better in my head. Of course I r8 the HTC one m8 an 8/8 *grin*

  44. I’m a huge HTC fan. I’ve been saved by the battery saver and just love the design. My last 3 phones have all been HTC and my last one I passed on to my dad, making him a convert now. HTC sense is just getting better too. I’d love to have the M8 with all its cool features so I can pass on my current phone to my mom and convert her too.

  45. At the moment I am juggling 2 jobs, 2 blogs and the schedule of a 8 month old who often seems to have more friends than myself! It is no secret that inspiration can strike at anytime, and I love the idea of having a reliable phone who’s battery life will withstand my social media addiction, snapping selfies of today’s makeup and but of course the hundreds of photos of my kiddo – because no kid is cuter 😛 Some days are busier than others so I hate being tied down by my USB cable because my battery drains quicker than my cup of coffee (or wine!) Truth is… time is no friend of mine. I’d love to stop having to rely on a messy book considered an organizer, and jumping between apps that depend on a flashing red battery. I’d much rather stay organized while capturing the memories, so I always have them to look back upon!

  46. I’m in my first semester of college and much to my despair, my HTC One (M7) completely crashed on me. It bricked only 4 months after I received that baby in the mail.

    I became a rabid HTC fan after this phone, as well. I’m trying my hardest NOT to get a different brand (which is going pretty well.. the HTC One’s design is honestly addicting.)

    I’m in disbelief, despair and crippling debt… and currently toting around an iPhone 3Gs. It’s actually very awkward, after being an android user since I was given my first smartphone.

    Thanks for such a generous opportunity!

  47. My husband is a big fan of HTC! Praises it to everyone who listens and he made me into a major fan 😀 I LOVE IT! I currently don’t own a phone and I would love to be able to say that I am an HTC girl ;P

  48. I am an absolute fan of HTC. I still have the HTC Desire, as new phones are too expensive for me. If I win this phone I’ll be a brand advocate of HTC for the rest of my life!

  49. I am a work-from-home attorney. My phone is my calendar, my laptop, my GPS when u have to go to courts in obscure dorps, my camera (I need good images fir court), my access to the online legal authorities. I am moving towards a paperless office. The HTC one is a must-havr for me!

  50. I am a mum to 2 beautiful girls and as such have had real bad luck with cameras when they were younger. Constantly wanting to take pics of the cutie pies, the cameras undoubtedly found their way to little prying hands and as such were broken by being dropped in unimaginable places or simply thrown and covered in all sort of grubby things.My hubby refuses to get me a new camera and my current phone takes awful pics. Which i have owned for over 6 years now. I am so in need of a new phone, but most of all one that takes fab pics too. I am also aspiring to do some food blogging soon, so the HTC would really help me in my new endeavour.

  51. I think i can be “the one” because in my country we have wonderful mountains, forests, castles a castle ruins and i can show you how great is camera in HTC One M8 😉

  52. The HTC One (M8) sounds so awesome and I can only dream of the angles, close ups, instagram moments captured by this mean machine. The last HTC I had was an HTC HD2 and I have such fond memories of that device, so much so that it lays to rest in our safe at home. Non-functioning but too beautiful to just get rid of. I’d appreciate the opportunity to once again be an HTC owner and what better way to re-enter the HTC family than wit an M8 ‘\(^^)/’

  53. Wow, where do I begin?

    I think it started in 1620 AD. A prophecy spoke of a lone wolf. One who would swim against the current of smartphones in the year 2009. It began with the HTC Diamond, an absolute marvel of a phone. Then, two years later, the HTC Sensation.

    This brings us to the present.

    I absolutely love my Sensation, and even though it’s been nearly 3 years since I first powered it up, people still ask whether I have a new phone (class is eternally fashionable).

    Now, for the most part, my Sensation still rocks and does a stellar job of letting me access social media, prioritize my schedule, capture precious moments…you know, what most other smartphones do. Well, the battery life isn’t what it used to be (I get maybe 4hrs between charges), but that is to be expected after nearly 3 years.

    Music is important in my life, and every day on the commute to work, my Sensation is my go-to for listening to tunes (currently, the Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack). Besides its amazing camera (which, I’m sure my daughter will get as much use of as I will), the HTC One (M8) has one mean music player

    As for why I believe I should be the One to walk or rather, happily skip away as the chosen One; I am a fan of HTC, and as most of the entrants, could do with a new phone. I know that I will make full use of its features, and I have been drooling over the idea of eventually owning One ever since I first laid eyes upon it…digitally 🙁

    Here’s holding thumbs (and if I have to, the thumbs of other people, too) that you pick me as the One 😀

  54. I love to win this!! I should win because I spend most of my time on my phone!! this would make my life so much simpler and be such a wonderful prize to win!! fingers tightly crossed x

  55. With great power comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY … You have the POWER to give me POWER to take incredible photos WITHOUT being in trouble…constantly! Yes, I am a phonephotography-holic … geez that is a new word! Just ad -holic and everybody knows you have ABOSLUTELY NO control over your own actions. When I see something pretty or amazing (and everything is pretty amazing to me), I want to take a photo or make a mini-movie. This has caused me a lot of uncomfortable situations … hubby phoning to confirm that I will pick him up for lunch because his car went in for a service and my phone is flat because I made a movie of a little bird outside my office … lol and oops. End result – hungry man with a hint of aggression… tried to make him some cupcakes, which worked for a while until he phoned me that same Friday and my phone was flat … again … because I took some awesome pics of sunflowers! How can that not be exciting? Well, apparently I need an extra great quality phone for my phonephotograpy-holicnism … 😀 I would also love some tips and tricks from you <3

  56. I think i should b the one because i have an HTC, it’s old & scratched & giving me battery problems, i need to upgrade mine… i love android & i love HTC .. i have the HTC wildfire s currently

  57. I am allegedly a social media influencer in the travel world, but it is so difficult since my Samsung upped and died. Using a borrowed phone is just nasty, and carting a laptop everywhere is not practical. As a Twitter and Instagram addict I need something reliable, ninja in the photography field, and tough enough to keep up with me. HTC sounds like it has what it takes to be a reliable travelling device.

  58. always wondered what was HTC about..you wont know until you’ve tested it..awesome camera and other functions..makes my current phone look like a amateur…would love the HTC as im doing a lot of photograhy..

  59. Just got a new phone in December and the …. thing for the last 2 months just switches it self off so fed up with it and its camera really is up to …. even the sales person that sold it to me warned its no good but of course who was i to listen to him, would love a decent phone with a good camera as iam always taking photos of things, and defiantly need a phone likeThe HTC One to be my PA, i lost my brains when my baby was born hee hee

  60. Been using Galaxy Ace GT S5830i for two years… I don’t know what android updates are, this would really be a great refreshment to my mobile life. #Hope

  61. Don’t find my camera on my iPhone any good and maybe I have the same issue as you, in that I don’t know it’s full extent or maybe I should try something different;)

  62. The Roaming Giraffe sat around being boring, got a pressure sore and died! All because of a cell phone that stopped working. Makes me realise the power of good tech, this giraffe needs the best to Roam free and tell the world in words and pics. Winning the #HTCOne would be classed as nature conservation…..

  63. I sit here contemplating what to write to make this post stand out from the hundreds of
    people trying to win just as much as I am.
    I have no sob story or death treating
    illness.. But what i do have is the ability to make the most out of small things.
    2014 My Final year in High School(Matric)worked so hard studing day and night for my future and my Dad who always encourages me to excel,studing so hard just to ease all expectations from family and friends. Just waiting for my results on the 6 of January knowing i did all my best,not even electricity cuts could stop me from studing. To win The HTC will definitely end my year on a high,taking memorable HD pictures with friends at school on 10 December. Had a HTC desire A8181 in 2010-2014 February did all my best to protect it,but it suddenly stopped working,hoping i could reunite with the HTC Family the best Smartphone company in the world
    All I’m
    asking for is one last time to go cray with my best friend”HTC” and make memories. HTC
    it’s obvious you supply the best technological equipment unlike those other phone
    companies.. That’s why I have come to you ,, You are my favorite … No pressure or

  64. So basically I really really want to win this and here is why… Two years Feb my boyfriends HTC Desire HD got stolen off him at a party (origin, it was epic btw) then he saved up for a few months and got the HTC One (m7) which…. he either a)lost or b)got stolen off him at a party last year. (Sunflower festival, not as epic, but still, that party kinda took him from being a friend that I use to study with, too a person I fell head over heals for). As I’m sure you can tell He’s a massive HTC fan. Anyways to top it all off I got myself the HTC one mini when it was my turn to upgrade 🙂 Yey me! but he is obviously super bummed as he is now using a brick because he’s now paying monthly fees on a phone that some oke now has. So the plan is hopefully I have a little good luck on my side to yinyan all his bad luck and win this beauty of a phone for him ( or for me and he can use my mini, hehe) p.s. we now have a no phone go to parties rule 🙂

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