6 reasons why it’s worthwhile upgrading to the iPhone 6

To be honest, I never thought I’d be writing a post like this. For starters, I wasn’t all that wowed by the initial Keynote announcing the iPhone 6 and its new features. Secondly, I thought it would be too big for my hand, and thirdly, I thought I had found my dream phone in my blue iPhone 5C.

But when I got an iPhone 6 to try out as part of iStore’s #ThePowerof6 campaign, I realised that sometimes you don’t know how good something is until you hold it, use it, and of course, take selfies with it.

Interestingly, my phone is still turning heads. People who see it ask about it and if it’s too big (the answer is no), and on a recent trip to San Francisco, it’s still a Big Thing. While the iPhone 6 has been available there since the middle of September, I saw a long queue of people waiting for their devices, in the rain, outside the Union Square Apple store at the beginning of November.

So why should you be upgrading to the iPhone 6? Here are my six top reasons:

Skinny and sleek


The iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thin, and has beautiful curved edges. It comes in three colours – black, gold and space grey (silver). The redesigned power button on the side also makes it easier to use, and more “logical”, in a way.

Bigger screen


I never thought that my hand could take a selfie with the new bigger screen, or that I’d be able to run and tweet with one hand, but I’ve learnt that size does count, and that bigger is better. Aside from the pleasure of a bigger screen, the retina HD display makes everything that much more visually appealing.

Better battery

IMG_6314 2

The faster processor saves battery life, and I can easily get through a day without desperately reaching for my charger, even after some heavy gawking on Instagram and Facebook, and emailing.

iOS8 also makes a big difference because you can see what’s draining your battery, and act on it (Just go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage, to see the energy drainers)

Better selfies

IMG_6372 2

iPhone 6 has an updated front-facing camera that takes “burst” selfies, so you can choose the picture where you look the best.

Great camera

IMG_6308 2

The iPhone 6 has an improved camera (8 megapixel iSight), image stabilisation for shaky hands. It has a new sensor for faster focus speeds and improved low-light images..


IMG_6429 2

The phone has faster LTE speeds, so when you’re connected to wifi, everything will be quicker (up to 3x), whether you’re downloading, uploading or searching. As a person with zero patience, this is a feature I’m noticing, and loving.


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