How to land your dream job via social media: tips from the experts

We’ve heard the stories of how one tweet can ruin an entire career (Justine Sacco), or of how a Facebook photo or comment cost someone their job, but have you tried finding your dream job using social media? We recently attended the Wired Women Conference where a panel discussed building your personal brand on social media. These are the tips they shared on how to land your dream job via social media.

Dream job

Start with LinkedIn: 

Vanessa Raath, GM at It’s About People, is a passionate IT recruiter and uses LinkedIn to search for potential clients and candidates. This is where most potential employers start, and if you follow the tips below you will be on your way to landing that dream job (or at least to getting the first interview).

  • Use a professional profile picture (your selfie taken at the work cocktail function is not a good idea)
  • Ensure your profile is completed (or at least 90% completed)
  • If you have a blog, share it on LinkedIn
  • Keep your profile up to date. If you attend a conference or course, add it as this will enhance what is already there
  • Keep it short and professional (remember LinkedIn is a professional social network site).

Raath adds some food for thought, “Even if you are not looking for job, an up to date LinkedIn profile could land you a dream opportunity that otherwise would not have come about.”

A Little Birdie Told Me… 

Twitter is a gift that keeps on giving. Where else can you delve into the minds of successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, experts or thoughtleaders? And where else can you actually engage with them? Twitter is a wonderful platform to network, build relationships and get you that dream job.

First step – write a bio, says Judith Middleton, CEO and founder of DUO Marketing + Communications. A descriptive bio lets people know what you are about.

Step two – find people that you admire and emulate them.

For step three, Vanessa Raath adds that you should appear as a thought leader in your field. Share relavent articles, ask questions and comment.

And if that still doesn’t work, get back to basics. Tell everyone what you are looking for. “I got my dream client through social media. I’ve been going to Pantomime for years. I had heard about tweet seats in the UK and wanted to introduce them in SA. I told all the right people that this is what I wanted to do. I am now in my second year of being a social media publicist for the Joburg Theatre.”, Jodene Shaer co-owner of a Social Agency, Chat Factory specialising in online engagement, on landing her dream job.

Facebook 101

Facebook is for friends but a lot of people forget that by the time you walk in for your first interview, the person interviewing you probably knows a lot more about your personal life than you think they do. How do you change this?

Update your privacy settings. If a friend tags you in a #ThrowBackThursday tequila photo, you don’t want potential employers making value judgments on your entire career because of one photo.

Fix your privacy settings. We’ve said it twice, because it is that important. A friend could tag you in a status and by the morning when you get the notification it is already too late.

Judith Middleton looks for cultural affinity on Facebook and Twitter. “I had initially turned down a candidate and for some reason she added me on Facebook and I accepted the request. Just by looking at her Facebook profile, I realized she was authentic. She blew me away.”

 Now go forth and find you dream job.





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