The Crawford kids on Instagram & why you should follow them

When I was growing up,  Cindy Crawford was pretty much the go to for “sexy”, “hot’, “beautiful” and “beauty mark”. I have a mole on my left cheek that I used to darken with an eye pencil… just because it seemed like a good idea to appear more Cindy like (absurd, I know, but I was 13).

But Cindy’s days are all but done. Her time as the most fashion forward and beautiful woman have come to an end. She’s been replaced by her own children! Yup, that’s right, have you seen the Crawford kids on Instagram? There is an Instagram account named @kbyp.

The account features photographs of Kaia Jordan, Cindy Crawford’s daughter. But the rad part? These gorgeous pics have been snapped by her younger brother Presley. The quality of these photos are incredible. There is no doubt that Preseley has a fantastic eye for a gorgeous photograph. It also helps that his sister has more natural beauty in her right pinky toe than some of us will ever have. Here’s some of our favourite pictures featuring from the Crawford kids in Instagram:




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