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The silly season officially kicks off on Friday 31 October. Brace yourself for back to back parties, cocktails at the pool and the sweet smell of December holidays which will slowly begin to permeate the air. With such a huge selection of fun things to do you can start to be a bit overwhelmed. No one wants to make the wrong choice and end up at a party that just doesn’t deliver.

That’s where Trender comes in.

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You’ll be able to find the hottest parties with this new app. It brags a real-time guide to popular gigs. You log in to the app and are able to view the most popular spots straight away. The app also allows you to see where your friends and other partygoers are in real-time. If you’re at a venue you can upload photos and share the vibe by checking in. The more check ins, the higher the party will rank.

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If you’re at a loss for what to do on a Friday night you can also browse Trends by categories including nightlife, bars and restaurants.

Trender officially launches this Friday (31 October) and will be available for free for Android or iPhone. If you’re heading away for the holidays this clever little app will come in handy – it’s available worldwide so you can ensure you have the best possible December. Part of the appeal includes being able to create your own trends. So if you and your friends are hanging out at a local bar having a humdinger you can upload the trend with a unique name and encourage other app users to join.

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Now I know the urge to trend your wicked house party might take over but I’d avoid that one if possible. We all know how Project X turned out… wait never mind, that was one hell of a party. Who’s keen to give up their home to me for an evening?


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