Breaking a sweat online

If you’re not a big fan of exercise you might get a little annoyed with the constant updates from running and fitness friends who insist on sharing their workouts, their runs and their results online. While you or I might find it annoying for millions of women its a great opportunity to celebrate fitness successes and also keep motivated… if you have the app, best you use it right?

It’s not just about tweeting your afternoon run in 140 characters or less, more than 16 million women are breaking a sweat online after downloading the Nike+ Training Club (N+TC) App for women. 9 million women have downloaded the Nike+ Running App. Those are rather impressive numbers!


If you’re one of those women you’ll be pleased to know that from about mid November the N+TC app is going to be getting a host of new features. To start with you’ll have access to dual-screen functionality. What does that mean? Well if you have an Apple TV you’ll be able to run your workouts on your TV. Far easier than monitoring a phone screen right?


As of 2015 the app is also going to incorporate some fun social features. You’ll be able to connect with other friends in the app, meet other women using the N+TC App and share your workouts on their news feeds. Your friends will be able to click on the workout to try it themselves or even cheer you on. Think of it like a little fitness Facebook.



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