Gadgets that never go out of style

Every month a new smartphone is launched and another, far better than before, tablet makes an appearance. Everything I own ends up feeling old and outdated. However, saying that, there are some gadgets that never go out of style. Whether you buy them second hand or are still holding on to your favourite from back in the day. These 3 gadgets just don’t date. I love them for it:

GHD Hair Straightener


Mr friend Irina, from I’ll take it all, mentioned to me that she purchased her first GHD off Gumtree as she couldn’t afford a brand new one. Every girl knows the importance of a GHD hair straightener. They’re like melted gold. I got my first GHD Straightener at 17… ten years on it is still going strong. They’re well made products designed to last. The GHD will never go out of style, though curls might by the time I figure out how to do them with my straightener!



Apple has all but killed off the iPod and I think they’re idiots. I was one of the lucky few to be gifted with the first ever iPod to be released. To this day it still works and holds some of the best cheesy sing alongs known to man. Don’t believe me?


I’ve upgraded to other iPod models over the years and I’ve kept every single one. Sometimes I’ve thought about publishing an advert on Gumtree to swop iPods. Imagine the range of music you’d have access to? Most people would argue that iPods are done as you can load music on to your phones. True, but my smartphone barely makes the day on its battery. Listening to music on it would mean I’d need my RED-E Portable Charger in my pocket all day. Sometimes I wear pants that don’t have pockets.

Old school TV games – Sega anyone?


Who remembers playing Circus Charlie? Super Mario Brothers? Donkey Kong? If the TV games didn’t work you pulled out the cartridge and blew on it. Over time we moved on to Sonic the Hedgehog. I loved that little guy. One of our Tech Girls, Lou, still has her old console. We spend many a Saturday afternoon competing in Circus Charlie and convincing our pig riding clown to jump through fire hoops. Close on twenty years and we can still plug that console up to the latest Smart TV and get playing. If you spend some time on Gumtree there are a host of people selling old Sega games and the like. Your old TV games console is still as cool as it is has ever been and you can add some excitement by adding some new (sort of) games to the collection.

Whether new or used, I’m a firm believer that these gadgets will never age. If you spend some time on online sales sites like Gumtree you can find a host of good deals on second hand GHDs and offers to swop out old school video games (my iPod swopping advert is coming soon).

Which gadgets do you think will never go out of style? 

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