Geek Girls Assemble

Yeah, we know… little bit of a Marvel punt there. But seriously it is time: geek girls assemble!

This is not a networking event. There are no goodie bags. Hell, you have to pay for your own food. BUT, we found something rather fun that you may want to get in on. Geek Girls South Africa is a blog (much like ours) that features all things sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, tech, cosplay, books and anything remotely geeky. We’re fans.

Geek Girls South Africa hosts regular geeky get togethers. They’re not at all like the ones you’re used to. Rather it is just an excuse to meet new friends, chat Dr Who and drink champagne (or wine, or beer, or water… whatevs). It’s like a singles club only you don’t have to be single, there are only girls AND having some sort of geeky interest may just play in your favour. The first Johannesburg Geek Girls meet up is happening next week:


So will you be attending? 

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