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One of the popular topics at #TGSavvy was search engine optimization. Most of the participants asked us to cover SEO Tips for your blog. We decided to speak to an expert in the field and get her to give you the best possible advice.

Tammy Binedell is the head of marketing at OrderIn, she’s also worked for a host of tech companies you may be familiar with including Tamar (London’s top SEO company), Groupon and Synergize (SA’s top SEO company).

Tammy Binedell

We asked Tammy about her career so far and her move between tech companies: 

I’d be lying if I said that my move between tech companies hasn’t been because one of my trades (writing) isn’t constantly evolving within the tech space. However it has been my interest in tech that has made my decision to move along with the evolution of writing an easy one.

I am drawn to technological advances within the SEO space and it’s this hunger for adaptations in the online world that keep me motivated and moving from one tech company to another. I pick up new tools along the way and new SEO and SEM trends always keep me on my toes.

We're crushing on Tammy's work space.
We’re crushing on Tammy’s work space.
One of Tammy's many articles.
One of Tammy’s many articles.

OrderIn is a web portal that allows you to order take away food online. It’s a quick and easy way to get your belly full. Tammy has an extensive writing portfolio and could quite easily survive on freelance work alone. We wondered why she decided to get involved with the start-up:

I am a sucker for start-ups and my competitive nature makes me hungry for the success of ensuring the company I work for stays ahead of the pack of copy cats. OrderIn is a start-up that I’m particularly excited to be a part of as it is about time that someone offered an easy online way for South Africans to enjoy their favourite take-outs. It’s simple and revolutionary at the same time – the perfect example of everything a tech company should embody.

OrderIn ScreenShot 1

These are Tammy’s SEO tips for your blog:

  1.  Blogging has come a long way since being introduced as a virtual diary. It’s simple – no one is going to read what you have to say unless it interests them, and they are never going to find it unless you optimize it to show up in their search results.
  2.  Link your articles. Try not to include more than three links – ideally distribute them as follows: one to an authoritative site, one within your blog and one to a site that relates to the subject you are talking about.
  3. Due to the saturation of online content it’s important to consider a subject you would like to write about in a new light in order to engage people.
  4. Do your keyword research and include some keywords in your headlines. Also keep ahead of the curb and be aware of current trends and possible keywords within the industry you are writing about.
  5. Never underestimate the importance of metadata. If using a blog site like WordPress, don’t assume that they are necessarily adding the correct meta. Don’t be lazy – take the time to write your own meta.
  6. If writing a promotional blog piece, avoid writing it in such a way that makes it clear that you are writing with another purpose in mind.
  7. Never ever copy and paste excerpts between blog posts.
  8. Don’t be afraid of long-tail keywords but don’t over do it.


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