We finally found wearable tech we LOVE

We’ve been pretty negative about the wearable tech fad. Most of the stuff just doesn’t interest us.. However, we’ve found Wearable tech we LOVE. And yes, we mean LOVE. The folks at SDK Lab invited us round to play with some of their tech toys. Primarily the Oculus and Google Glass. While we were rather gung ho about the Google Glass it turns out Oculus stole our hearts.

This virtual reality headset is pretty damn rad. Initially we presumed it was suited only to Gamers, but actually, this little baby offers up a host of possibilities for so many things. For example, our ed got to stand behind Sam Smith while he sang to a sold out crowd. The 360 view is incredible. SDK Lab are based in SA and we’ll be telling you a bit more about them in the next few weeks. They have some great ideas for development around Oculus locally, including aiding the education sector and making those boring industry parties a hell of a lot more fun.


The headset we played with is developed by the same guys who produced the virtual reality headset Samsung launched worldwide last week (the Samsung headset works with the new Galaxy Note 4). While we’ve been told it is unlikely Samsung will be bringing these headsets into SA, we’d suggest prepping your purses for the Oculus when it is finally available locally and it will be. It’s wearable tech we LOVE. That says it all.

And now, the reason you’re really reading this post. A video… no gadgets were damaged, Sam’s just a chop.

PS – we also played with Google Glass. Underwhelming to say the least. 


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