What went down at #TGSavvy

Disclaimer – I borrowed some of these photos from Twitter – courtesy of the attendees. 

On 30 August 2014 we held a workshop called #TGSavvy. It started as a pipe dream really. I wanted to host FREE coding and tech workshops for you, our reader. I threw the idea at a few companies and I got a few “hmm good idea”… but not much else. Then I met the Mecer crew. I told them my idea and without hesitation they said “cool, let’s do it.”

And we did.


Mecer’s team hooked up an auditorium that could sit 60 people and I told them we’d be lucky if we got 30. We got more. We planned the event for a Saturday and Mecer told me they’d organise the food and all I needed to do was pitch up and present the workshop I had in mind. The workshop in my head covered some of the technical aspects I’d learnt about blogging and basic website maintenance along the way. I was nervous as hell! Maybe what I thought was a rad tip or piece of advice was common knowledge to everyone else right? Turns out, not so much. We’re all in the same boat and learning as we go. Being able to offer insight and some tips I’ve figured out along the way in an environment where we could talk and interact with each other was everything I imagined it could be.



Mecer arranged an incredible breakfast buffet that would put many a hotel to shame. After a few nibbles attendees flooded into the auditorium where they were gifted with a goodie bag. My initial idea was to supply notebooks and pens, but I had some generous brands along the way offering some great goodies. What was a notebook and pen idea turned into a bag filled with some fun useful items. We ran the workshop for two hours with a short bathroom and coffee break inbetween. At 12 noon we finished up and attendees were able to try out some of the Mecer tablets (and utilise an incredible discount voucher at their disposal) before tucking in to a great lunch that included mini burgers and fresh fruit.

tgsavvy3 tgsavvy5



Blogging, for me, is about finding like minded people to share ideas and dreams with. It’s why I write. Tech Girl was always meant to be a “community” of people that got to talk about rad gadgets and enjoy a giggle along the way. I plan to write a series of posts for this site and SABloggers over the next few weeks highlighting some of the topics covered on Saturday. But this post is just to give you a glimpse into what went down at #TGSavvy and also to say thank you. Thank you to the bloggers who attended. Thank you to the incredible brands that decided to support this. Thank you to “my Tech Girls” who constantly amaze me with their support and how they jump straight in to help.

Just some of our Goodie Bag items.
Just some of our Goodie Bag items.

Most importantly it is a thank you to Mustek Limited, distributors of Mecer, and every other company who has supported this site and my crazy ideas. You allow me the opportunity to share, create, have fun and hopefully supply useful information to a few people as well. 


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