Stalk much?

Suspicious girlfriends everywhere might rejoice when they hear about this new smartphone app called MCouple… Though when I saw it my first reaction was – Stalk much? It’s available for iOS and Android.

The app is described as follows:

You and your partner are madly and love and want to be closer than ever before? Overtime work and business trips often prevent you from seeing each other? mCouple is a mobile tracker that can help you stay in touch 24/7! 

Oh lovely right? Wrong. For starters MCouple operates in stealth mode. So, once it is installed it doesn’t appear on the phone’s list of apps. This means if you install it on your partner’s phone without their knowledge they will be none the wiser.  The app allows you to:

  • Read text messages
  • Read all Facebook messages
  • Track the location using GPS
  • Download a log of all calls made and received (plus the relevant contact numbers)
  • Log in to the contacts on the phone and download them


You can set the app to sync every 30 minutes then you log in to a dashboard to go through the relevant information. Technically, if you put this on your partner’s affair it would constitute an invasion of privacy and is thus, illegal. But I’ve got a funny feeling that a scorned woman who is adamant he is cheating may have been pushed to the point where she doesn’t care.

What do you think? Would you use MCouple? 


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