5 anti hijack tips

The other day I got to a robot (or traffic light, whatever) and pulled out my phone to send a voice note to someone. You see, I thought I was being safe not texting but rather sending a voice note. How stupid. I need to lock my phone in the boot of the car because driving and using a phone are dangerous.

More dangerous? Pulling out your phone at the traffic lights (or robot, whatever). How many times do you see it? Women stationery and clicking away or scrolling. I can see them, you can see them but they don’t see anything else. They’re a prime target for smash and grabbers who will have that phone out of their hand in a matter of seconds. Worse still, possible hijackers! There have been some horror stories on the news lately and we all need to be a bit more aware.

The folks over at Ford have teamed up with some professional driving trainers from Driving Skills For Life Programme and shared with us 5 anti hijack tips you may want to keep in mind when driving around your city:

  1. Try remain alert to your surroundings at all times – especially at intersections and in the suburbs. Check those mirrors every few seconds!
  2. Be on the lookout for suspicious activities or vehicles. Would you notice if someone is following you?
  3. Always be prepared to take evasive action. So get off that phone! Quicker reflexes could save your life.
  4. Maintain ample following distances. I always like to slow down at a red robot so I keep moving and am never actually completely stationary.
  5. Allow for escape routes. Much like keeping safe following distances – never let yourself get boxed in. Unless they shut down the highway and you’re stuck… the rest of time try always have a route to “get out”.



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