No more gym excuses with this new fitness app

So it’s official. The machines are taking over. Gym machines anyway. I’ll be the first to admit I struggle with fitness apps. I don’t get it. For starters, I really don’t have time to fill in stacks of information about what I ate, what I drank and what I did on a daily basis. They’re glorified step counters and even then sometimes they get it wrong.

So when another press release about another fitness app popped into my inbox I wasn’t too interested. But, because I’d hate to be the idiot that missed the boat, I opened it anyway, which is why I can say with certainty that very soon we’re never going to get off lightly exercising again.

There’s a company called Technogym which sells various gym machines for either big gyms or your house. They’ve recently developed an app called MyWellness which is available for download via the Play and itunes stores. It’s not just another fitness app though. It’s more like a fitness CLOUD.

My Wellness Cloud iPad

You’re able to access it on your PC, on your tablet and/or smartphone but you can also access it at gym while utilising Technogym machines. The machines allow you to log into the app and track your progress. MyWellness also works hand in hand with most of your favourite wearable fitness tech (think Garmin, Fitbit & Jawbone).

My Wellness Cloud Graphic

It’s all well and good but really, so what?

Okay, so other than the cool ‘links up to gym machines’ bit. There’s an added perk. You can get a REAL person behind the app. According to Tony Payne, the marketing director of Technogym South Africa (yes, I’m sniggering at his surname too), personal trainers will be able to utilise the app to plan and programme workouts for you. So you have no say in how fast that treadmill goes today! Your coach or trainer can even access your eating habits and exercise during the day…. Basically, no escape and no more gym excuses with this new fitness app.

There are some benefits here as well. Access to the MyWellness cloud isn’t limited to personal trainers – you can get your doctor on there, your physio or your biokineticist – Ideal for the serious sports woman or someone under medical supervision.

Very soon we’ll have nowhere to hide… or eat chocolate.

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