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Sometimes less is more, but if you’ve seen the contents of my bag (see just some of my lipsticks below) or been with me during a meeting when I have to dig deep – and long – to find a pen or business card, you’ll realise that in my case, more is the norm.


So I enjoyed trying out the Knomo Knomad Mini Portable Organiser, an organiser that isn’t too dorky, and literally cut the clutter and time spent looking for one of the five USB drives in the depths of my Country Road sling bag.

The Knomad is new to iStores, and has space for an 8 inch tablet and smartphone, plus nooks for business cards, passport, cables, headphones, credit cards, flash drives and pens. In my case, it also had space for a small Moleskine notebook, and MAC lipstick. It’s the ideal accessory to organise your handbag.

knomo_21_5_14 25336

You can either get a Knomo Knomad Mini Portable Organiser on its own, or with a slim 5 000mAh battery (with lightning and USB connections) to charge your devices, and just for that, I think it’s worth bagging. But if you do just go for the Knomad without the battery pack for budget reasons (R1599 versus R599), then you’ll still be winning with a slick clutch-type organiser that doesn’t necessarily replace your handbag or laptop bag, but rather condenses all the essentials when you head to a meeting, or head to a coffee shop, or travel on a plane or train.

photo 2

You can get the Knomad in three colours – olive, blue and black – which work as neutrals, but how I’d love to have red, orange or pink (yeah, I’m that type) options too.

Did the Knomad change my life? No. Did it simplify it? Yes. Did I love using it when heading out, and did it give me an extra spring in my step? Definitely. It’s my favourite little new helper, and something I’m happy to slip some of my life into.

knomo_21_5_14 25283

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