Stop with the Selfies!

Remember the days when you used an actual camera to take a photo? Stuck out your arm, positioned yourself rather uncomfortably, clicked away and hoped for the best? Until you hit the local photo shop to have the pictures developed and found out you’d only got the top of your head in the photo… It didn’t seem to upset you as much as what it does now when you can’t find the right filter on Instagram to try hide a particular flaw.

Now, with smartphone cameras, no one uses an ACTUAL camera… never mind gets their photos developed. We took photos of beautiful memories for us to cherish. Now it is all about making sure our friends see those shots. Holiday overseas? Check Facebook for all my selfie check-ins at tourist destinations. Met the partner of your dreams or learning to fly that plane? Well, make sure you chronicle every personally defined thrilling moment on Instagram with a selfie of you grinning like a Cheshire cat…or pouting, your call.

But first, let me take a selfie
But first, let me take a selfie

I’m not above the fun and crazy selfie with my friends – I love those! But honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of the posed “look at how good I look” selfie I’m seeing more and more. I’m so not sure about it. I also start wondering about what people look like without filters. Stop with the selfies! Remember those no makeup selfies that were all the craze? We should have insisted they added #nofilter and followed through!

Remember the days when a sunset or approaching thunderstorm were just wondrous sights? Now they are an opportunity to showcase how you were at the “right place at the right time” and tend to make “unique” selfie backdrops. But guess what your National Geographic magazine worthy picture did not capture? You being present in that moment with the sun slowly descending as you sip on a cocktail or when that first thunderclap made you jump. Now, we take a selfie with the sunset in the background, add a seemingly profound quote, hashtag it to death and post it.

This is not a selfie.
This is not a selfie.

So maybe take a moment to really enjoy that sunset before you start posing or get frightened out of your mind when the thunder arrives. At some point in life, someone will ask you what that moment was like for you. What will you share with them? The selfie or the experience?

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