No camera needed


R2770.00 from the Orange store online.

What you need to know:

  • 10x optical zoom
  • Still and movie modes
  • Approximately 18.2 megapixels on its highest setting (but take note, moving an 18 megapixel photo to your phone via Wi-Fi is far from instantaneous)
  • MicroSD memory card slot – which would solve the above issue of moving large photos to your phone
  • Autofocus by tapping your screen
  • Uses the Sony Memories Mobile app
  • No Camera Needed

 What we think you should know:

I have a DSLR – a Sony, actually. And I have a smartphone (well, duh). The DSLR takes breathtakingly beautiful photos. The phone goes everywhere with me. Sure, I could carry the DSLR with me everywhere, but it’s big and bulky and it doesn’t fit in my handbag. And if it doesn’t fit in my handbag, it doesn’t fit in my life.


That’s where the Sony DSC QX10 comes in. With 18 megapixels and 10x optical zoom, it’s designed to take DSLR-quality photos and fit into your handbag. So no camera needed. How?

Well, just take away the camera screen and replace it with your cellphone screen. Download the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app (available for iOS as well), pair the two devices via Wi-Fi, and use your phone as your viewfinder. If you like, you can even attach the camera to the back of your phone. For me though, the real fun comes in when you don’t attach it to the back of your phone.

sonylens4 sonylens3 sonylens2

Put down the camera, keep your phone in your hands, and walk into the frame. Because you’re essentially holding the viewfinder, you know exactly what you’re shooting before you take the shot. The app allows you to zoom in and out and hit the shutter from your phone, so you can set up the perfect shot even if the camera’s on the other side of the room.

But if you have a camera and a smartphone, do you really need something in between? That depends. I had a laptop and a smartphone and was adamant that I had no use for a tablet. Until I got a tablet. Now I wouldn’t be able to live without it. With the Sony DSC QX10 though, I’m not convinced.


The concept is stellar and I love it. But the functionality could do with a little refining. Although the pairing process only takes 10-15 seconds, having to do so every time you turn on the camera gets pretty old pretty quickly. And once they’re paired, there is often a lag between the camera and the screen. Sometimes the app freezes altogether. Also – and this isn’t something that will affect everyone – not all phones are compatible with the DSC QX10. I have an iPhone 4, but apparently it’s toooo old to play. It did work with my iPad.

But, if you’re willing to put up with the lack of finesse, the photo quality is superb! We took it up Northcliff hill to play with it at sunset, and got some pretty gorgeous shots. And, providing you can hold it still enough (or just put it down and walk away), night time shots are spectacular. There are zoom and shutter buttons on the camera and in the app, so you can use whichever is most applicable. And most importantly, if you’re tired of wishing you had longer arms or a smaller face, this little baby is bloody awesome for imaginative selfies!








So rad:

  • Gorgeous photo quality
  • Performs well in low-light shooting, if you hold it steady
  • It really is an innovative concept. And there’s nothing we love more than pushing the boundaries in tech!
  • Incredible 10x optical zoom. That giraffe is over theeeeeere? No problem! Now it’s over here.

Makes us sad:

  • With smartphone cameras getting better and better all the time, we’re not sure how long this gap in the market will be relevant. Or if it even exists.
  • For close to three grand, you can buy yourself a pretty schweet camera that has its own screen. (But it may not fit in your handbag)
  • The lag to the screen and the app freezing is pretty annoying. No one likes freezing apps. No one.
  • Having to pair the devices every.single.time you turn the camera on is a royal pain in the you know what.
  • Your cellphone battery? It’s dead now.

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