3 ways to beat the hackers

Ooh they’re sneaky buggers. Hackers aren’t really interested in what they’re hacking in to, many a time they’re doing it for the fun of it or to send spam via your blog (yup, they do that!). So how do you stop them from taking advantage of you? We’ve given you security plugins for WordPress before but here is another 3 ways to beat the hackers.


  1. Back up your blog/website/data regularly

Keeping a back-up of your data means it is always secure and safe if your device or PC is ever maliciously attacked and you lose all your info. If you’re regularly backing up it is easy to reinstate any lost or deleted information. A good backup storage device will run in the background while you get on with your daily computer activities so you don’t even know it is there. 

  1. Make sure your cloud computing options are secure

Yes, it is awesome that it is free… but do you realise that that can, many a time, mean it isn’t safe. Your data is not nearly as safe as you think it is when you’re using free cloud computing options that are easily hacked. That’s why we’d suggest spending a nominal fee on backing up your data with a secure paid for option like Cloud On Demand. We’ve told you about what they do before. But here’s a quick update – you’re looking at a safe and secure server to keep backups of your PC, mobile and tablet data. The servers are secure so hackers and other nosy folk aren’t going to be trawling through your data and pulling information (don’t kid yourself; we all know Google is doing it). 

  1. Always change your passwords and make sure they’re difficult

There’s a few givens here. Don’t use obvious words for passwords. Add numbers and other punctuation like exclamation or question marks. Then make sure you don’t use the same password across all platforms. Get four or five going and make sure you change them regularly. If you’re concerned about remembering your passwords, create a document with them in and save them to your Cloud On Demand server so they’re secure but also always in hands reach should you need them. Easy!

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