Get that girl on the internet

  • On average, almost 25% fewer women than men are online in developing countries.
  • Within Sub-Saharan Africa, the size of the gap is nearly 45%, which is the largest across all regions that a study, conducted by Women and the Web, investigated.

I was so excited when Google launched Made With Code. I spent the whole morning on the site playing with the free resources. I have internet access though. When I think about it I’m pretty much online ALL. THE. TIME. While I sleep, my WiFi doesn’t. I’m waking up to emails and going to bed to tweets.

When I read stats like the above I realise I’m one of the privileged few. Yeah, Google’s Made With Code is awesome… but when it comes to girls living in SA, not so much. The majority haven’t had a chance to learn how to use a PC, never mind utilise a website that teaches them to code.

That’s why I’m giving a couple of words to Intel’s She Will Connect programme. I love Intel’s Girl Rising initiative (which is all about the idea that if you educate one girl you can change the world).

The new programme is being launched in sub-Saharan Africa and aims to get more women online.

I could write pages on education, human rights and the like to try and justify to you why this programme needs our support. I don’t have to. Imagine, for a minute, if I took your internet away tomorrow. Imagine what you’d lose out on (Googling cute cat videos is not an answer). Why should any woman not have that too?

Get this – if we got more women online, we could potentially contribute around 150 BILLION rand to the annual GDP across 144 developing countries.

Intel’s goal is to reduce the gap in access by up to 50% by 2016. So they’d connect roughly 5 million women to the WWW. They’re looking to develop an online peer network, increase digital literacy skills and contribute to adding content and resources for women and girls who are moving into the online space.


You know what I think? Get that girl on the internet!

The programme has already partnered with some great organisations but they need to do more. If you think you, or the company you work for or run can help visit the website & get in contact. Let’s make a difference!

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