Because geeky girls want to smell pretty too

The stereotypical “geeky” girl is dressed like a tom boy, has no clue how to condition their hair and tends to hide out in their room a lot. Our editor aside, I don’t think this representation is very true. Because geeky girls want to smell pretty too (and look good).

I have found that a lot of ladies are also looking for cruelty free products these days. It’s because we are all getting more conscious of where our products come from… was it tested on bunnies? Beagles? Mice? With technology advancing at such a rate there really is no longer a need to test on animals. My thoughts aren’t limited to beauty products… think food, clothing, textiles… we want to know where it’s from; how it was sourced; how it was made, dyed, etc.

So, when I buy beauty products I want to know that:

1. During the testing a development phases relevant technology was used over the archaic animal testing

2. We can buy the products online. Why would you want to go into an actual shop?

In steps Hey Gorgeous.


On their website, they say the following;

We’re Greek

This explains everything. Our passion for life, family, friends, beauty, food and all the good stuff. And when it comes to beauty care, we’re definitely passionate about the good stuff too. ​Three generations of women in our family, each inspired by our beautiful world and those close to us, produce amazing skincare products that not only work effectively, but pleasure all the senses, making your pamper time a deserved indulgence.

A local brand, with organic, cruelty-free products in flavours that you’d want to scoff with a spoon, from the jar (much like nutella).

I mean, how awesome does the following sound?

  •  Apple & Mint Body Scrub Bliss
  • Calorie-Free Super Sweet Cupcake Bath Bombs
  • Mississippi Mud Pie Face & Body Mask
  • Red Velvet Body Scrub Bliss
  • Strawberries & Champagne Bubble Bath

Okay, I’ll stop now, but you get the picture… Their products don’t only sound edible, they smell divine, and the packaging is beautiful… (if you might want to buy a gift for a friend, or yourself, or me). The best part? Hey Gorgeous has an online store, and delivers via many options nationwide. No excuses. You’re buying cruelty free products online. No mess. No fuss. Also you’ll smell pretty too.


Orders can also be placed via email or phone; Or tweeting them; Or a Facebook inbox message. This is why I love technology it makes life so much easier.

Just don’t blame me when a stranger sniffs you, or licks you. I can’t take responsibility for that.



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