Do you care if your tech magazine has a model on the cover?

Stuff Magazine is probably the world’s leading gadget and tech magazine. Last week, following in the footsteps of their UK counterparts, Stuff SA announced they would no longer being using models on the cover of their magazines.

“The lad-mag era of women-in-bikinis being an essential part of publishing a previously male-focussed tech mag are over,” said editor and publisher Toby Shapshak. “This out-dated publishing model is no longer in sync with the magazine nor the publishing environment. The magazine itself is more than just about gadgets; while our readership has evolved to include a significant percentage of female readers,” he says. (We pulled this particular quote directly off the article announcing the change on their website, you can read the full article here).

So instead of this:


You’re now going to be getting this:


Here’s the thing, I’m a female. It’s never bugged me that my tech magazine has a model on the cover. It bugs me more that that model is, 80% of the time a Caucasian female over say an Asian or Black model. But I’m only one female voice. We’d like to get the conversation going among tech savvy women. So we’d like to know: Do you care if your tech magazine has a model on the cover?

To up the anti a bit we’re offering one lucky woman the chance to win a Lou Harvey iPad cover of her choice (we recently named them one of our favs)


To win, all you need to do is comment below and answer the question – Do you care if your tech magazine has a model on the cover?

This competition is now closed. Congrats FACE VALUE for winning the iPad cover! 



  1. Yes, as a woman in the technology industry, I definitely care about this issue and I think the move to remove models from the cover is fantastic, and definitely a move in the right direction. It has always bugged me that many tech magazines have half-clad women smooching motherboards or RAM on their covers. I am more inclined to purchase a magazine without a model on the cover. Unfortunately, the issue is so much bigger than just objectifying women on the covers of magazines.

    The way women are represented in tech by the media has always made me feel uncomfortable and questioned whether I really have a place in this industry. It might seem like benevolent sexism and essentially harmless, but it’s exactly these kinds of things which make our industry unwelcome for women. It perpetuates the same stereotypes and lends itself to inherent biases. It’s no secret that diversity in tech companies across the world is a big problem (see http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2014/06/19/what-silicon-valleys-diversity-reports-say-about-the-tech-workforce/) and that increased diversity helps business (see http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/166220/business-benefits-gender-diversity.aspx).

    Using Asian females instead of Caucasian ones will not help change anything. Granting women equal opportunities and treating them as valued employees in the tech industry will.

  2. There should be a model on the cover if the model is pertinent to the cover article, i.e. an article about the person, or showing someone (anyone) actually USING the item. Otherwise, unnecessary.

  3. To be honest I’ve always thought it was pretty random and a little sexist but it doesn’t bother me to the extent of boycotting it or anything like that.

  4. It never bothered me one bit. I’m confident enough not to be offended by the models and I’ve actually started not to even notice them anymore. I was always too excited to read my new Stuff magazine, than to notice the models. But however, its nice to know that us female tech and gadget lovers are being properly acknowledged, as a lot of their articles have always been geared towards men. Hopefully we’ll also get some content aimed at females from now on. And no, I’m not talking about the latest pink MP3 player or whatever pink gadget they could come up with.

  5. Being a women in the IT industry comes with its perks and its downfalls. It doesn’t bother me that they put female models on magazines and as others have stated, I think if they are going to use a model, it should surpass any gender reasons but rather for a purpose (other than the pure reason of appealing to a man). However, I wouldn’t be deterred by the model on the front cover. I am also not offended by girly pink items with or without glitter. I do believe that the tech industry has started wising up to the fact that women are more than just pink. I happen to love pink and glitter and technology but again, its about the quality of content for me, not just the cosmetics.

  6. Yes, when it’s shot as a sexy pose with a skinny model. Why not a “normal” woman (or man), emphasizing the tech in the photo!?

  7. Firstly. I don’t know who reads/looks at the cover for an electronic mag the cover is outdated and used to sell printed mags

    secondly the use of models on techmags is irrelevant. I noticed that these “tech” mags have started using cosplayers no tech

    Thirdly most tech has become wearable but a random hot model wearing it won’t make me read the mag or buy the mag/device

  8. I would like to see about 3 gadgets on average on the cover instead of just 1 and a model using up all the space on the cover. So I prefer more pics instead of gadgets because that is the reason why I buy the magazine in the first place.

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