Yo! When that is all you really want to say – we review the Yo App

This Yo app is so simple, it’s ridiculous. You send a message of Yo! to whomever you choose in your Yo contacts. That’s it.

Yo app has gained tremendous traction with over 1 million downloads already, so it’s worth taking a look at.

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What you need to know

  • The Yo App is available for iOS and Android

What we think you should know

The first step is to get your friends to join, or else you have nobody to Yo. You can invite friends through the app via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter. Then the beauty of the concept kicks in: you send a Yo! To your friends. And when they feel like it, they Yo! you back.

Some say it’s stupid and some say it’s brilliant. I’m gearing towards the brilliant side. Sometimes you just want to let someone know that you’re saying hi, or that you’re thinking of them (or whatever) without needing a full-on conversation. You can call someone for that (you know that the green phone button on your phone is for making real life phone calls, right?).

So rad:

  • Whether you love it or hate it, there are some hilarious app reviews that make for some entertaining reading. We found these reviews here:

Before this app I was a nobody. Now I’m still a nobody. But I have this amazing app that lets me communicate like never before. I have now overcome my fear of public speaking because there is no need to speak publicly when I can just send “Yo” to people. I look forward to the time when the entirety of the English language is replaced by the word “Yo”. ~ Tactical Turtneck | United States

A yo, sometimes says it all… ~ Chr | Germany

Makes us sad:

  • I’ve only got one Yo! friend, that’s very sad. Find me and Yo! me, yo.



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