Nails that light up when you hold your phone

While I’m not the biggest fan of bling, some of my friends could be compared to magpies with the way they snap up anything that glitters. Well, now you can get nails that light up when you hold your phone. A Japanese company called Tomy have just released their Lumi Deco Nails range. These are stick on stick on nails that have tiny LEDs embedded.

nail led3

The LEDs are programmed to light up when the nails come in to contact with your smartphone. So every time you text, tweet or take a call, your fingernails will sparkle. A set of 16 nails will likely cost just under R200 and there will be a free Android app that you can download to configure the settings of your nails. The real question is – would you actually wear these? Here are some of the designs currently available (we pulled these directly from the Tomy product website):

nail led1

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