We have a gadget crush on the Mecer Smartlife M785 Tablet



What you need to know:

  • 1 Year Carry-In Warranty
  • Less than 500g
  • 7.85″ Gorilla Glass HD Display
  • Built in Micro SD Card Reader (for more memory)
  • Built in GPS & 3G
  • Quadcore 1.2 GHz CPU

What we think you should know:

I like pretty well made things. I’m not sure that is a “girl” thing so much as an “I like nice things” thing. Tablets, for the most part, aren’t convenient or pretty. The small ones that fit in your handbag always look a bit cheap unless you’re working from an iPad mini. When the Mecer Smartlife M785 arrived for me to review I was dubious… until I opened the packaging.

The first thing that struck me was how well made the tablet was. While it is a plastic body it has a metallic finish and, to be honest, doesn’t feel like it is a “cheap” tablet (which, considering the price, it is). It’s elegant and pretty.


While looks count for some it is how the tablet works that really counts. I was competing in Durban for most of the week (thus those lovely white pants) and thought it was the perfect time to download Quirk’s e-marketing textbook. I used the Mecer Smartlife M785 as a mini computer for checking email, Kindle and social media “catcher upper”. The battery life has been superb and, despite the pretty white covering it has been rather hardy. The finish used is also ideal to clean. I’m jumping between outdoors and inside for much of my day, having a tablet that is easy to wipe down and keep clean is a must. Grubby gadgets are not cool.


The Smarlife M785 runs on an Android Operating System so it is extremely easy to navigate and figure out. The tablet has a 2.0M Pixel Rear Camera and, if you’re desperate for a selfie there is a 0.3M Pixel Front Camera… but to be honest, I really don’t think tablets should be used to take photos, which is good because the photo taking capability of the Mecer is somewhat lacking.

What really struck me about the Smartlife M785 was how much it punched above its weight. At the price of R2199 I was extremely impressed with the display and the battery life. It’s so light and pretty as well so it ended up in my handbag and I carted it around Durban with me. I was even using it on my way home.

This is me in Harrismith at around 8:30 pm
This is me in Harrismith at around 8:30 pm

On top of a gorgeous gadget that operates well, the box it comes in is full of extras. This stylish white faux leather case is included:


There is also a screen cleaner and protector as well as a host of cables for any occasion (I always tend to lose these so having spares and a connection for the back of my PC were an absolute must). I’m gushing a bit but it is because this little baby is so well priced and ticks most of my “must do” boxes. It’s the ideal companion on your travels, through work and during your chill outs… it’s also uber affordable. I have a giant gadget crush on the Mecer Smartlife M785.


So rad

  • The affordable price
  • The “pretty” and “petite” features

Makes us sad

  • I’d have liked a better camera for recording


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