And the Nokia Tiger searching winner is….

We were completely blown away by the response to our Nokia competition to come searching for tigers with us. The entries were just incredible and choosing a winner became so difficult our editor eventually threw herself off a tall structure (no really – check it out here).

nokia tiger searching 3

We narrowed it down to three contenders and while determining how we were going to pick a winner, one of the final three submitted an extra little gem and we were rather smitten. Congrats to EMMA GARSON, who shall be coming tiger searching with us. This was her original entry:


I think this is a hoax and rather a smart and innovative way to find a hot hook-up to go away with for the weekend. For that reason I feel I have failed before I’ve even begun.

However, if it’s for real then…

I believe I should come hunting for tigers because I’ve got the eye of one (I had to). …

On a more serious note, I’ve always loved tiger hunting and have earned my stripes in this department after years of living in concrete jungles where dreams are made of. Speaking of dreaming… After I read the quote “A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, I decided to abandon counting the latter because I don’t care of their opinions and have been sleeping so well ever since.

I’ve narrowed my friend down to one of two people of whom I haven’t decided which one I will pick. One is named Caity (who is a vet and would be helpful if a tiger were to trip or get it’s tooth caught on something) and the other is named Tessa (who would be of no use to us at all but I threw her in as my pro bono deed for the month). We would laugh for days whilst catching tigers and taking amazing photos with awesome tech devices and maybe we will meet three hot men at the hotel bar and end up marrying them?

If you don’t pick me I’m not going to hate you all I’m saying is if I have a birthday party and there’s space for one more person I might not invite you.

 To everyone who entered – we’re sorry we can’t take you all with us. The creativity and amazingness blew us away. We cannot wait to capture some special tiger moments with the Nokia Lumia 1520 and share them with you.

nokia tiger searching 2



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