Retro Rad: Teasmade

I don’t drink coffee unless I’m hung over. It’s not my thing. Tea, on the other hand, is. The other day I was having a conversation with my dad about how awful it was getting out of bed in the morning and having to brave the, usually, very cold kitchen to make a cup of tea.

That was when the topic of the Teasmade came up. The Brits came up with a novel gadget that ensured you never had to have cold feet. These little machines were around in the Victorian times (yes, believe it) but they only really came into their own in the 1930s (electricity helped too).


Here’s how it works: you set the analogue alarm clock and a few minutes before your desired wake up time the Teasmade will begin to boil the kettle. It will then pump the hot water into your cup a few seconds before the alarm goes off at the desired time. When the alarm goes off, the little light will come on. You wake up, can conveniently see where your ‘cuppa is and you can enjoy a nice warm cup of tea before getting out of bed.

They’re mainly sold as retro novelty gadgets now and will set you back roughly 20 to 30 pounds (which translates roughly to just under R600). If it wasn’t for that horrendous lampshade I’d definitely consider buying one!

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