Don’t text & drive, rather SYNC

Did you know Ford offers SYNC® as a feature in their vehicles? While we all know using your smartphone while driving will come with a fine if caught, so many of us still keep doing it, despite the implications (and we’re not talking about fines, we’re talking about injuring other people in accidents because your focus is not on the road).

SYNC is rather cool because it doesn’t only let you pair your phone to the car’s Bluetooth system but also gives you voice control over your phone (even if your phone doesn’t have voice commands).

So how it works is that by pressing the SYNC button on your steering wheel, you can then dictate a request to make a call. Later this year Ford will be adding AppLink to SYNC. So you’ll have voice control over some of your favourite apps.


According to Gavin Golightly, the marketing manager at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, drivers with both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road means you’re more alert and always in a position to take evasive action in an emergency situation.

Time to leave that smartphone in your hand bag with no FOMO.


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