Sexy, simple & smart: Hands on with the LG G3

Buying a smartphone is hard. The latest models pass through my hands for review and even I can’t make up my mind. I love the Z2 but it is just too big and heavy. I dig the S5 but the price seems ridiculous. I think there is nothing better than iOS, but iPhone needs a better display. See where I’m going with this?

I was in London last night for the international launch of LG’s G3. LG caught my attention with their presentation. It was short and to the point. They highlighted the facts and announced the features without giving them ridiculous names or talking about world changing innovation. They kept it simple. LG didn’t have to talk up the G3 because the phone does all the talking. It’s a sophisticated piece of tech beautifully finished in such a way that it appears so straight forward. LG weren’t joking when they said simple was the new smart. South African tech analyst, Steven Ambrose, who was at the launch with me, said it best on twitter:


Getting hands on


I cannot believe I’m going to say this but I loved the gold G3. As the journos ran to test run the new gadget I made a beeline straight for the gold model. It’s more of a champagne type colour and the gorgeous metallic finish screams sophisticated. The phone has a curve to it which makes it fit so snuggly in your hand. It is available in black and white as well. There will be a red offering too.


Type away


This is a personal favourite G3 feature of mine – you can easily text with one hand and the phone is offers up a new Smart keyboard. I have tiny hands but fat fingers. Smaller keyboards and I tend to clash. The G3’s Smart Keyboard makes it possible for me to customise the keypad so it better fits my tiny fat fingers. It also tracks how and what you type so it can predict your next word far quicker.

Bells and whistles


You’re looking at a 5.5” Quad HD Display (538ppi). That’s two times higher resolution than a full HD display. Take away the tech talk? The G3’s screen is pretty bad ass. Higher displays draw more power which eats your battery. I’m sick of having a flat phone half way through the day. LG’s G3 has a 3A optimisation set up. Think adaptive frame rate, adaptive clocking and adaptive timing control.

No clue what I’m talking about? Your phone will simply ensure you don’t waste battery. Easy. Don’t stress about the tech talk, the G3 simply has it covered.

The camera

The camera is incredible. We have a separate story on the G3’s camera. But to give you an idea of what to expect, Nafisa, another SA journalist in London showed us her smartphone camera test and gave her thoughts on the G3:

 My only bugbear?

The G3 comes with Smart Notice. It tracks your phone usage and behaviour to supply you with information it “thinks” you need the most. It’ll remind you to call back someone whose call you missed. If you aren’t regularly using an app it will ask you if you want to delete and uninstall them. It’ll also warn you against changing weather patterns and the like. You may think pocket pal but I already have a mom who does most of this. I’m not sure I want my phone jumping on the nag band wagon; luckily we can just switch it off right? (Smart Notice…. Not my mom).

The LG G3 has been developed smart but designed simple. If it were a person it would be that sophisticated boardroom beauty who oozes confidence and charm with an underlying current of sexiness. She’s sexy and smart yet most people find her easily relatable. If the LG G3 was a human it would be the woman I’d like to be one day. It’s also why I think this may be my smartphone of choice moving forward.

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