Should you hold out for the iPhone 6?

It’s a question we keep getting asked so we thought now would be the best time to answer it. Should you hold out for the iPhone 6? We’ve been hit with some impressive devices in the last few months. Our two favourites so far are definitely the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. But Apple fans will continue to hold on to their beloved 5s handsets whispering under their breath that the iPhone 6 is coming.

Here’s what we (think we) know:

  • This time round Apple will likely offer up a few select phone sizes. They may very well throw their weight into the growing phablet market (yeah, we don’t get it either). So think smartphone size and wow that is ridiculously big smartphone size. The term “iPhone Air” is being bandied about. I do wonder if they keep the iPhone 6 and introduce a phablet under that name…
  • The iPhone 6 is going to knock your pocket – hard.
  • Definitely better battery life
  • It’s going to run on iOS 8 – there is no doubt that the next step in Apple’s operating system is on its way.
  • Currently the iPhone displays aren’t High Definition. We think that will likely change with the iPhone 6.
  • We think the iPhone 6 is going to be slimmer than previous models with a slightly curved screen. For no reason other than – pretty!
  • We don’t think Apple cares very much about banging fancy camera software into their phones. So don’t expect camera announcements to rival the Z2 or Nokia offerings.
  • More space than the iPhone 5s
  • A more powerful processor than previous models, this will make the phone more efficient (and also contribute to better battery life).
  • In all likelihood there will be a fitness tracking element. Jumping on the health bandwagon seems to be the new smartphone “in” thing. The New York Times reported that Apple has met with the FDA to incorporate some sort of “health book” into iOS 8… which brings us to our next point:
  • The iPhone 6 is going to come with an iWatch. Why? We don’t know. We’re still not sure why wearable tech is the new “thing”, for the most part the devices we’ve had a chance to play with seem gimmicky more than anything else.
  • Apple recently signed an agreement to purchase more Sapphire Glass. It’s far more durable material for screens and considering the amount of times iPhone screens smash it may be a smart move on Apple’s part. Sapphire Glass is also VERY expensive so it might only get used on the iWatch.

That’s what we think we know. However, it seems rather boring right? Speculate with us for a moment.


Apple has lodged the following patents over the years. Maybe they incorporate some of this into the iPhone 6?

  • A patent that focuses on wireless charging
  • A patent for technology to adjust a smartphone’s volume as you move it away from your ear.
  • A patent which, simply put, would allow an iPhone to remotely control other illuminating devices like flash lights. So think professional photography studio set ups run off your smartphone.
  • There’s also a patent for an anti smudge coating for screens lodged in Apple’s name and one for a special screen coating that would encourage “self healing”.
  • Imagine you could hide the sensors, buttons and camera on your smartphone? Making for a far better looking gadget. Well – Apple has a patent for technology claiming to do just that.

Before you get too excited though, remember the hype surrounding the S5 before it was launched? The phone didn’t really live up to the speculation and there is a 50% chance the iPhone 6 could follow suit. Release dates are also rumoured at this point. September? Early August? June? Who knows. What we want is a sexier and slimmer design that looks slick. We’d also like some added colour to the range. Though not ala iPhone 5C plastic finishes.

So should you hold out? We just cannot say. We’d like to know though, do you plan to wait for the iPhone 6 to be released before purchasing your next smartphone?

Disclaimer – we pulled much of this information from various news reports we’d read and comments on twitter. We, much like you, are basing this piece and our opinions on hearsay and rumour. So please don’t take our word for any of the above.



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