Logitech’s TK820 Wireless Keyboard



What you need to know:

  • Wireless (unifying receiver, Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless)
  • Built-in touch pad
  • Plug & Play
  • 6 month battery life

What we think you should know:

This is a keyboard with no drama. There’s no cables to annoy you, just the teeny tiny USB connection we’ve come to expect from Logitech (that can easily be left plugged in to your laptop without becoming a bugbear when you’re pulling it out or putting it in its bag). Once you’re plugged in you’re ready to go. The software uploads conveniently run in the background. I used the keyboard on my work PC and purposefully didn’t let the upgrades run, no problem, the keyboard still worked perfectly.


Using the actual keyboard is a pleasure. The keys are flatter than usual PC keyboards and feel similar to your laptop. They also have Logitech’s “in curve” keys, which I found just felt better for my fingers. I spend much of my day typing so not having to hit big bulky keys is a big plus. I’m not a fan of touch pads. I prefer a good old fashioned mouse BUT, I have to relent here – the built in touch pad is a huge convenience. We’ve just set up a never server and our TV no longer runs off the usual remote, plugging in the Logitech TK820 keyboard was the ideal solution. I was able to type and navigate the screen to set up, from the comfort of my couch. The wireless capability meant the distance from the TV wasn’t limited and it was far easier to use the touch pad then a mouse.



My only real criticism of the Logitech TK820 keyboard is that it is really flat. Sounds strange, but when you have it in front of your PC all day it becomes a bit irritating on the palms as the day progresses. I would have preferred a bit more of a lift. But the design is so clean and minimal you can let this one little thing slide.


So rad:

  • gorgeous design
  • It’s wireless so you can move it around as you please
  • the in curve keys do make a difference

Makes us sad:

  • It does sit a bit flat on your desk, we’d have liked a bit of a thicker base.

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