Razer’s Manticor Mousepad

It turns out there as no such thing as “just a mouse pad.” Razer’s latest offering, the Manticor, has just raised the bar and then some. It’s created for gamers and the marketing blurb will likely get you rather excited:

A weapon is no use if you are unable to maximise its potential. Unleash the full capabilities of your mouse while still maintaining full control with our high-grade gaming surfaces.

The Manticor is a gorgeous piece of design. On opening the box you’ll find a high-end plastic casing housing the mouse pad. Really, casing for a mouse pad? When gaming you want your mouse to react as fast as possible and move across the surface at the quickest speed, a clean surface is paramount in ensuring optimal response time from your mouse.



We used the Manticor to review Razer’s Ouroboros mouse and we were suitably impressed. The mouse pad isn’t a typical hard pad that just offers glide. It offers up the friction and combined smoothness of a cloth pad but with an added hardness and durability. It’s extremely thin and lies rather flat on your desk which means the edges don’t catch on your wrist. The rubber underside of the pad ensures it doesn’t slip either.


It’s going to set you back R499 but the price is completely justified if you’re a serious gamer looking for optimal performance. For more information visit Razer on Facebook or follow them on twitter.

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