If you run a race and don’t have a picture of you, running the race (or post-race selfie)… did you really run the race?

Most of us have jumped on the fitness bandwagon. It is fun and also, content for social media. There are only so many dinner pictures you can post before you need to switch it up to running shoes.

This is why we love Lapio. It’s new exciting technology that will be introduced to South Africa in June this year, at the PPC Kremetart Cycle Race. Its benefits to actual race organisers are rather lengthy and include the assurance of efficient and accurate timing. But the real draw card? Its benefits for you, the actual competitor.


Lapio works on a cloud system and lets you sync up race data to your social media accounts. This means you can share your race registration details and live time updates with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. It also has a photo sharing option integrated into it. Race photos can be loaded to the photo platform and then you’re able to share via social media. The cost of the Lapio package is factored into your race entries so you won’t be expected to fork out seperate moola to use it.

While the PPC Kremetart Cycle Race nabbed this one first, we have a funny feeling it will be utilised a lot more in the future!

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