LG’s Sapience Washing Machine

How much do you hate washing clothes? There is nothing worse than fabric getting ruined or colour running. Love that new dress? Worn it once? Not too worry, your washing machine will make sure you never wear it again.

That’s why we love the LG’s Sapience Washing Machine. The top loader has a new heater function which means it can adjust the water temperatures depending on the fabric needs. No more ruined clothes! With the warm water from the heater all that awful residual laundry detergent is no more. I, for one, was a bit sick of sometimes having to attempt to brush off white specs from my black pants.

There’s a few other hygiene friendly features that come with the Sapience, it has a special allergy care course which erradicates germs and bacteria while the new stainless steel tub (instead of the usual plastic) brags 90% LESS bacteria growth.

All in all, a rather “healthy” home appliance to have.

The Sapience is available in all major retail outlets around South Africa and will set you back around R 9,500.00.


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